Top Tips for Effective Marketing on YouTube Powerful Keywords

Before creating your first video, you should make sure that you have done the proper keyword research so that you know that your video will get ranked well in the search engines.

If you have a video up on on YouTube; when someone types the name of your business or something similar, there’s a very good chance that your video would be one of the 2-4  videos shown in that preview bar from YouTube that usually appears above all of the actual search results.

What makes it even better is, if you have a website for your business or product, creating an embedded link (a link that will allow your video to be shown on the actual website, rather than just say ‘go here’ and Copy/Paste a link onto your website). An embedded link looks far more professional than a regular old hyperlink.

Going Viral

Another concept to consider is the idea of your video going ‘viral’, which is what almost every YouTuber dreams of having happen to one of their videos. Basically, a viral video means your video has had tons of ‘hits’, or views. Viral videos are usually something that almost everyone on YouTube universally loves and gives a thumbs-up on, and when they do that, chances are, it gets shared with their friends in social media and then their friends share it with their friends.

One of the greatest examples of a viral video is the song Gangnam Style, created by the Korean singer Psy. (I’m sure you’re sick of the song by now) It currently holds over 2 billion views on YouTube. While it wouldn’t quite be possible for any business idea to get that many views, the point is to create something that people would love to watch and would want to watch over and over again and share it with their friends.

Some great video ideas that would help your business grow would be:

  • How to Tips
  • LifeHacks
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Top Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Regarding the actual business idea and the process of shooting and making your video, your best bet is to have yourself be the actual one promoting your product in the video, not somebody who acts as a stand-in. If you introduce yourself as the creator of the product, then went on to explain how it worked and how to use it and why it is better than the competition…you will gain a lot of ‘brownie points’ with your viewers, as they would be a bit more apt to try your product if they know that the actual creator of it is pushing the product, not hiring an actor to do it instead.

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