best ways to use pinterest for your businessPinterest is a photo sharing website where members pin their favourite photos on an online collage and you can pin photos into different categories ranging from fashion to cooking and everything else in between. Pinterest has millions of members and it is one of the main reasons why you should consider Pinterest as a strong marketing tool for your business. Some great things to post on your Pinterest page include photos of your products, links to your blogs and press releases, videos, and any audio files that you have created regarding your company. Thursdays and Saturdays are ideal days  to pin your promotional items on your page. When you create pins for your page, show some photos of ‘the real you’ so that viewers will get an idea of what kind of company you have.

Optimize Your Images The Right Way

The main aspect of Pinterest is the photos. Here are ways to optimize your photos for greater success. You don’t just want to pin photos and blog links from your own website,  you should also pin a few photos and links from other sites that are similar to those that represent the kinds of services you offer. Avoid lengthy descriptions of your pin; instead write short descriptions with keywords that are relevant to your company. Compliment other members’ pins and leave positive feedback.

Put Pinterest Share Buttons on Your Blogs

Another thing you should do is make your blogs and images shareable and when you pin to your boards. By having the Pinterest bookmarks on your website’s content, you allow others to look and add your material to their pin boards. You also give more potential customers the opportunity to look at your products and services before making a purchase from your website. This makes for affordable advertising of your business.

Post Practical Information for Readersthe best ways to use pinterest for your business

As a business owner, you can establish yourself as an expert when promoting your business on Pinterest. You should post a few links to your blogs and video tutorials that you may have on your website and Youtube channel so that you can establish a following on Pinterest. Heres an example; If you own a hair salon, add some video tutorials on how women can create stylish ponytails and short hairstyles for professional settings since many women need this kind of information. As you can see, if used in the right way, Pinterest is an excellent tool for marketing your business!

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