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In this article we’ll be showing you some great ways to advertise your business to get more reach, customers, clients and more importantly, for free. Let’s get started.

  1. Using Social Media

Social media is a great free way to advertise your business by creating and sharing engaging content. If your content is of value and worth sharing, then chances are that your followers will naturally share it and engage with it, growing your reach and visibility to potential customers or clients.

Some popular social media platforms to get started on are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

free ways to advertise your business online

  1. Start a Blog

How are blogs useful and effective as an ad vehicle you may ask? Well, by the way they can attract traffic through search engines and people who are looking for your content and unique value that you can provide in your blog posts. Blogs are also great for building an email list as you can add an opt-in form.

  1. Add your Business to Google Maps

This method works better if you have a brick and mortar store but you could still advertise your online store this way. Say for example your business was a restaurant. You can add your business address, contact and website details to Google Maps so that when people search for “restaurants in (your city)” or simply “restaurants near me” if they’re nearby, they’ll see your business and everything they need to know. Keep in mind this can apply to almost any type of business.

  1. Answer Questions Related To Your Business on Quora

Here’s another way of advertising that also provides value and answers people’s question where your business is the perfect answer.

By tapping into this user generated Q&A platform you can answer someone’s question while recommending and promoting your business to many users who’re asking the same questions as the original poster and would benefit from your input . The key to this is to be valuable and useful to other users so that they naturally want to check out your business. Do not try to force or shoehorn your business into an answer where it’s not relevant.

  1. Create a Podcast

The final entry on this list is an interesting audio based form of advertising.

Creating a Podcast combines and integrates well with some of the previously mentioned ways to advertise for free. A podcast opens up the potential for interesting discussions about your business and the industry or niche it may be in.

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