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With our cutting-edge Local SEO company using technology and expertise, you will be able to be everywhere online. Being found on page 1 of Google and Google Maps is one of the best ways to market your business and get the best ROI. We will use our keyword analysis and competitor research expertise to give you the best chance to be ranked on Google and other search engines.

SEO and local search marketing techniques work best when you also have a content marketing strategy in play. Writing articles, video marketing, blog posts, social bookmarking, backlinking and other linking techniques will make sure that your voice is heard all across the many different platforms online.

Local SEO services



Expert Local SEO
Company Services 

In today’s competitive digital landscape, being visible to your local audience is paramount, and that’s where our expertise as a local SEO company comes into play. We delve deep into understanding the unique needs and search behaviors of your target market, crafting strategies that align perfectly with what your potential clients are seeking on Google.

Our approach is not just about posting content; it’s about curating high-quality, relevant, and timely information that positions you as the answer to your clients’ queries. As a local SEO company, we have a pulse on the most searched keywords in your niche, understanding their competitiveness and how they can be leveraged to your advantage.

Google’s algorithms are ever-evolving, and staying ahead of these changes is crucial. This isn’t a realm for trial and error or DIY solutions, especially for small business owners. Local SEO is a critical tool for ensuring your business not only grows but thrives in your specific city or town. Our services extend beyond mere listings management.

We offer comprehensive local SEO solutions that encompass content creation, meticulous management of your online presence, and strategic placements across various platforms. This holistic approach ensures your business stands out, making it easier for customers to find you on Google listings, social media, articles, and blogs.

Local SEO services

Top Reasons Our Local SEO 
Services Will Benefit You

 SEO Expertise

Profit Parrot Marketing and SEO stands out for its profound understanding of SEO strategies, meticulously tailored to suit each business’s distinctive requirements.

Tailored Solutions

What sets Profit Parrot apart is our commitment to crafting personalized services that align precisely with the unique needs of each client.

Client Satisfaction

Our effectiveness and professional demeanor are resoundingly confirmed by the wide range of accolades and testimonials from our diverse clientele.

 Local SEO Solutions

Empower your business with our hands-free SEO services. Let our expert team take the reins, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths while we bolster your online visibility and stimulate growth.

Drive More Traffic

Partner with our local SEO team to fine-tune your website for higher search engine rankings, resulting in a surge of organic traffic.

Local Business Enhancement

Local SEO plays a pivotal role in attracting nearby customers, which is particularly crucial for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to expand their local presence.

Top Rated SEO Services

Expert Campaign Management

By partnering with us, a specialized local SEO company, you are ensuring that your business remains a step ahead of the competition. We’re committed to enhancing your online visibility, driving more local traffic to your website, and ultimately, increasing your customer base. Let us help you navigate the complexities of local SEO and unlock the potential of your business in the digital space.

Local SEO Case Studies & Results

We were able to help our clients almost double their business by giving them a website presence online. We started with only a few keywords ranking on page 1, and now we have dozens. We used local SEO techniques to help our clients gain website authority and increase their domain rankings across the board.

On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO

Through on-site SEO techniques, off-site SEO techniques and content optimization, we can now see that our clients have more views, more clicks and more qualified leads coming through their websites each day.


Hear it from Our  Customers

Alice Barton
Alice Barton
This team is great. They have always been able to answer any questions that I had quickly, I continue to work with them on my monthly SEO work. I’m happy so far. really Good!!!
Sebastian Cross
Sebastian Cross
Fantastic experience. A very competent SEO and extremely professional working style. Highly recommend.
Ryan Sykes
Ryan Sykes
Very quick turnaround, excellent writing abilities and great writing style. The articles were well-researched, well-organized and ready to use.
Brandon Page
Brandon Page
Phenomenal work. Put my client in a very competitive field to the second page of Google search results. Would definitely use again.
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Farrell
Quick to respond and good quality of work. Recommend :)
Fraser Munnoch
Fraser Munnoch
Some good results from a team that know what they are doing, thanks again.
Ethan Patterson
Ethan Patterson
I’ve been scammed by SEO agencies before so I was hesitant to start with a new company. Lark and JM were able to quickly get me the results I was finally looking for. I’m now on page 1 for several key terms and my traffic has increased. I’m very glad I found them!
Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark
A pleasure to work with!
Joseph Holmes
Joseph Holmes
They were able to secure high authority links for a project that was successfully delivered, well-written articles and delivery was on time. Really happy with the work.
George Moore
George Moore
They went above and beyond on every level. Not only did they update me on the progress of the work but was available anytime I had a question. I would highly recommend Lark and her team to anyone looking for quality work. This is my second time working with Lark and JM and I am equally as happy this go around as I was the first time.

Why Hire Our Local SEO Company 

We have been marketing and driving income for businesses for over twelve years. We know how to generate leads and sales online through multiple venues.

We understand the hard work it takes to start a business from scratch and make it succeed in the online world.

We have helped hundreds of businesses get their feet off the ground and become more successful through SEO, PPC and online marketing. Let’s come up with a game plan today!

Undoubtedly, our SEO company is poised to facilitate your business growth. To help with the best SEO capabilities, you should consider a local SEO company that is familiar with local marketing techniques. They will have the most knowledge of city and state SEO, which helps with Google searches and ‘near me’ keywords.

Profit Parrot has a four-step plan to help with the best search engine optimization. Let’s explain the process below.

Step One: Questionnaire

We will send an intake questionnaire to help us understand your business. This will determine the words and research needed to complete the best local SEO possible.

Step Two: Keyword Research

After we know what your business is all about and the history behind the need for our assistance, we will do extensive research for keywords that will deliver the best results. When the document is finished, we will send the file for your approval.

Step Three: On and Offsite SEO Work

With your approval of the file, we will start the SEO work on your website. We will send the report on the work done on all the changes that were made. (on-site SEO)

Step Four: Weekly Reports

To keep you updated with the information, we will send weekly updates with the keyword ranking improvements for your website. For any off-site work, we will send a monthly report of anything done within those 30 days.

local seo company increase ranks

Local SEO Company vs Global SEO Company: Understanding the Difference

When choosing between a local and global SEO company, it’s crucial to understand their distinct approaches and how they align with your business goals.

Scope and Focus:

  • Global SEO Company: Aims for international reach and recognition. Ideal for businesses wanting to tap into a worldwide audience, offering products or services with universal appeal.
  • Local SEO Company: Specializes in city-centric strategies. Perfect for businesses targeting customers in specific locales. They have an in-depth understanding of local market dynamics, consumer behaviours, and regional trends.

local seo company

Strategy and Techniques:

  • Global SEO: Utilizes broad keywords and global digital platforms to enhance worldwide visibility. Focuses on universal appeal and broader search terms.
  • Local SEO: Leverages location-based keywords and local search algorithms. Prioritizes appearing in local search results, such as “auto parts store in [City Name]”.

Benefits of a Local SEO Company:

  1. Local Expertise: Understands the nuances of your city’s market, consumer preferences, and competition.
  2. Tailored Strategies: Utilizes local keywords, regional trends, and community-centric content.
  3. Enhanced Visibility in Local Searches: Optimizes your business for local directories and Google My Business, increasing chances of appearing in local search results and maps.
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing: Every dollar spent is targeted towards your niche market and geographical area, ensuring better ROI.
  5. Community Engagement: Strategies often include local events and collaborations, fostering community ties and brand loyalty.

Choosing a local SEO company like ours means choosing a partner who intimately understands your local market. We don’t just optimize your site; we connect you with your community. Our expertise in local keywords, links from relevant local web properties, and strategies focused on your city’s dynamics make us an ideal choice for businesses aiming to dominate their local market. Let us help you navigate the local digital landscape and turn local searches into business opportunities.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

There are many different factors to consider when calculating the cost of local SEO, but generally, it will range from around $500 – $5000 per month. We will analyze your keywords and competitors and let you know the best plan of action for your niche and business.

One of the best local SEO companies is Profit Parrot. They specialize in local business SEO. They have your best interests in mind by keeping their team small. With that small team, they can avoid large overhead costs.

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Why Local SEO Is Important

local seo guideLocal SEO (or “local marketing”) is the practice of improving the visibility and ranking of a company’s website within its local market. This can be done by optimizing the website for regional keywords, creating localized content, and building links from local businesses.

There are many reasons why local SEO is important. For one, it can help to increase brand awareness within a specific region. In addition, local SEO can improve click-through rates (CTRs) and lead conversions, as customers will be more likely to find your site when searching for relevant information locally. Finally, building links to local businesses can enhance your reputation and position in the local marketing ecosystem.

local seo company expertsDo You Need a Local SEO Game Plan?

If you’d like to learn more about our local search engine optimization techniques, contact us today. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you’d like to check out our plans and service offerings for local SEO, please click here. To view our full SEO portfolio, click here.

Client Success   Snapshots

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Ottawa seo company testimonial


I have been working with them for a number of years now. They’re great! I can always count on them. I don’t have to worry about a thing. We are getting the results we want. Thank you!

Ottawa seo company testimonial

Steve B

These guys are the real deal with SEO services for both on page and off SEO work. I’ve worked with other agencies in the past that only do on page SEO, this is only half the equation for getting your site to rank. Their team has a good understanding of what works and provides excellent weekly small reports and monthly full reports. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ottawa seo company testimonial


Jean-Marc and his team are truly experts. They knew exactly what I needed to do to reach my customers and then they did it.

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