Your website’s content determines how well your website will rank in the search engines and it also determines how much traffic your website gets from visitors. If your website has received low rankings or has been deleted from the search engines altogether, you can change things by creating high quality content and here are ways to do it.

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Choose A Niche That Competitors Are Ignoring 

3 simple seo mistakes One of the best ways to make your web content stand out is to create content in a niche market that your competitors are not touching because this gets readers interested in your website. For example, if you notice that your competitors’ websites target older married couples but you don’t see anything that targets teenage married couples between ages 18 and 21, you can develop a blog that is designed to give advice for these couples regarding finances, relationships, and childrearing.

Pump Up The Images And Videos

 This doesn’t mean that you flood your entire website with images and videos but you should sprinkle a few of them on the website because this helps you get your website’s mission across to readers and you’re informing the public on certain topics that are discussed on your website. Post very recent videos that pertain to your topic since relevance is important when posting videos and images.

Put Yourself in The Role of An Expert 

If you want to put better content on your website, you can play the role of an expert by posting Q and A sections on your website where you invite your readers to ask you questions about certain issues that your website deals with and you can answer their questions in detail. This is another way to get higher traffic to your website.

Get Rid of Outdated And Stale Contentottawa seo company

Nothing kills your website’s effectiveness more than outdated and irrelevant content that hasn’t been removed so if you want to make your content look more attractive, you want to get rid of old content and put fresh content on the website that relates to the main topic and your target readers.


Your content is a major part of your website’s success so this is why you need to reinvent your content every few months if not every few weeks. If you’re dealing with writer’s block take a break and spend some time in other activities to get the inspiration you need.  Need help making your content stellar? Contact our team today!
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