Local SEO Tips For Contractors

As a contractor in Ottawa or any location, having a website is incredibly important to become visible to your prospective clients. A great website is just one step of the puzzle and SEO is what can tie your website and sales together. With a great local SEO team, you’ll be able to do the following and more:

  • Increase your sales
  • Increase your impressions in the search results
  • Get more phone calls
  • Get more emails
  • Close more deals
  • Grow your client list
  • Keep your brand visible to your target audience
  • Expand your business

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Local SEO Services For Contractors in Ottawa

We specialize in local search engine optimization for contractors. We’ve helped plumbers, HVAC companies, roofing companies, Ottawa renovation companies auto companies, landscaping companies, doctors‘ offices and more. As our list keeps growing so do our technical skills. You can view some of our SEO results here in our portfolio.

  • We’re able to research what your competition is doing and find our edge to outrank them online.
  • We will help you get on Google My Business in order to become visible even without a website and help generate leads and phone calls directly through your business map listing.
  • We will help you edit your website to make it user-friendly, fast, and sales-oriented.
  • We will help you create a list of your services and make them searchable in the search engines.
  • We will find the top searched and rankable keywords based on your niche, target audience industry, and competitors.

As a contractor, we know you are busy! One of our founders started off with a flooring business and knows all the ins and outs of running a business and the value of SEO. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know how to use Google and local search engine optimization techniques to their full potential.

Hands-Free SEO for Contractors

We know you’re busy! That’s why we offer a hands-free approach. You can continue to scale your business while we work on getting you quality traffic.

With our live reporting options and fun, responsive team, you can be at peace knowing that while your clicks and impressions are going up, you’ll be busy on the phone closing sales.

It’s all about owning the local game in your industry, and we know exactly how to do this. We’ve done it many times before and continue to show success to our current contracting clients. If you’re interested in having us check out your website or talk about how we can help, please contact us today: Call us @ 613 706 0057 or fill out our contact form.


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SEO Tips for Contractors

So you’ve finally decided it’s time to explore the world of search engine optimization and discover how you can employ it to promote your independent contracting business. 

It’s about time! After all, SEO is an exceptional way to increase the number of visitors to your website and improve the quality of that traffic as well.

While it is true that SEO can help drive additional traffic to your business, if you’re like most people, you’re having trouble making sense of the whole process and where to even begin. 

Even though SEO can seem complicated to grasp, with the right tips and tricks, you’ll find yourself quickly understanding how this clever marketing method can help push your business’s online presence to page one of the world’s most frequented search engines.

Let’s have a look at how you can start making search engine optimization work for your contracting business with some of the best SEO tips used in the industry today.

Focus on Your Local Market

At first, you’re going to try and appeal to every client and market possible. 

Word of advice, don’t do it!

The critical thing to remember here is that trying to go global can sometimes come at a disadvantage. When you keep your target market concentrated in your local area, you know exactly what type of target audience you’re seeking.

After all, who knows your local neighborhood better than you? 

Adapting this method can help you show up in search results faster if you focus on utilizing local keywords. Home service + location is a great place to start. So, for example, if you lived in Ottawa, Ontario, and you’re a home contractor, “Home Contracting Ottawa” would be some great keywords you would want to include in blog posts, website copy, and social media content. 

By creating an online persona that is connected to the one your customers have grown to love in real life, you access an online audience. An audience that will be able to share your compelling online content with their friends and family members as well, enhancing your reach!.

If you plan to expand on your area in the future, there will be room to do so once you get your first few city keywords ranking well. For now, focus on building your following in the local market, the impact will be almost immediate compared to trying to conquer the world!

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Make Sure Your Website Profiles are Up to Date

Your contact information needs to be correct for your home contracting business. If someone calls looking to book you for a contracting job, and your business number is wrong, you can count on losing their patronage for the immediate future.

Keeping your NAP up to date is crucial. (NAP refers to name, address, and phone number). When adding your business to local citation sites or local directories, it’s essential that you use the same information that you have put into your google my business page. Consistency is critical in this case. Make sure you keep a list of all the citations and directories you’re listed upon. This could come in handy if you need to change your address or phone number down the line. 

Ensuring your company information is up-to-date is one of the easiest things to overlook when your business is successful and fully operational. 

Missing or incorrect information can keep your business stuck as the 26th search engine suggestion instead of the first recommendation for contracting needs in your local area.

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A best practice is to program a repeating appointment into your email calendar, reminding you to review your online business credentials monthly. 

Local directory listings act as a big thumbs up for your business when it comes to search engine crawlers. If you’re looking for some great places to get started with your business profiles, here are some can’t miss services that can help you navigate the world of eCommerce and assemble your online presence.:

  • Definitely Google My Business. Make sure you also get verified and the property links to your website.
  • YellowPages. Yes, Yellow Pages is still a thing and one of the most used services to identify outstanding local businesses worldwide.
  • Canada411
  • MapQuest
  • FourSquare
  • Cylex
  • BBB. Another service that has been around for a long time and has aided in sorting out the legitimate businesses from the phony ones.
  • HomeStars, Canada’s home for professional contractors, this service helps people find local pros to help them complete home renovation projects.
  • Yelp. Crowdsourced reviews about local businesses.

Do You Want to See How You’re Ranking Locally for Your Contracting Business? Click Here for Your Free SEO Report.

12 On-Site SEO Tips for Contractors

Once you’ve done your required keyword research, ensure your home page and service pages are correctly optimized. 

Remember, you don’t have to be an online whiz kid to successfully optimize your online presence, just follow our tips to improve your SEO ranking instantly.

Here’s a list of our favourite SEO tips that will help you get your home page discovered faster and more often.

  • Try to add 1-2 main keywords to your home page and main service pages. These keywords tell search engines what your page is all about.
  • Google loves long-format content that is informative and full of quality information. Each page should be approximately 500+ words of unique content. This allows you to promote your services organically and remain competitive while developing traffic for your site.
  • You should also try to link your pages together so that if a visitor wants to see your gallery, they can easily find it from your homepage or your service page.
  • Make sure your site titles and meta descriptions also contain your main keywords.
  • Don’t stuff your writing full of keywords! Your keywords should be used where they can appear naturally. Read sentences out loud to yourself. Do they sound strange? Then keep at it and try to have the keyword appear once in the opening paragraph, once in the middle of the content and once in the closing paragraph. 
  • Your titles should look something like this: Location + Service. Keep your titles to 50-60 characters. If possible, try and include a verb and keep your titles unique!
  • Your meta description should look something like this:  Looking for (service) in (location)? Talk to our team of experts today; we can help you with (service). Get a free quote today.  Keep your meta descriptions to 155-150 characters and remember to keep it to only one CTA!
  • Add a call to action at the bottom of your service pages and on your homepage. 
  • Offer a free quote or consultation.
  • List all of the services you offer on your website in a drop-down menu. Each service should be a standalone page of 500+ words.
  • Make an FAQ page full of your top-asked questions from your customers. This is not only great for SEO; it’s the perfect asset to have when a prospect asks you a common question. You can simply forward them a link to your top FAQ. They may even find your call to action from there and give you a call.
  • Make sure your site is fast; many people will also be checking out your site on their mobile device; it should be mobile responsive as well.

Build Your Trust Signals

best in ottawa seo companyGoogle loves trust signals! These can include things like your google business reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, BBB, HomeStars and more.

  • Get those local business profiles set up and start asking your happy clients to share the love. Positive customer reviews are the number one way to entice a new client to sample your services.
  • You can also share badges from top contracting sites and any accreditations or awards you have earned. These not only earn trust but also show that you were selected as the top option for local contracting on more than one occasion.
  • Make sure you also have a testimonial or review section on your website. You could ask your trusted customers to add some positive reviews to help get the ball rolling.
  • Adding a gallery is a great way to show off the projects you’ve completed while adding SEO keywords to your descriptions.
  • Ensure your warranty procedures and your return/exchange policies are easily accessed.

Trust signals can help a prospective consumer feel safer and more secure. Knowing that many other consumers in the community have used your site and services for their local home contracting needs can help people move forward with a purchase without shopping around.

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Build Quality Links

When beginning a link-building strategy, keep in mind that you are building towards the end result, as it could take a bit of time to create success. 

The idea with building links is that you’re getting established websites to link back to your site. Building links signal to Google that your website is legitimate and worthy of reference, earning you a higher search ranking. There are several ways that you can go about building links. By far, the most common way is through writing and submitting blog posts, articles, and guest posts to verified websites. By generating compelling content, more consumers will choose to link to your website so they can share your content with their social network. 

That also means no copy and pasting or reusing old content, the content has to be fresh and worthy of interest so it will increase its backlink count.

The most integral point when it comes to gaining backlinks is that they should be posted to quality sites and be full of engaging and informative content. 

Now let’s face it, for a link-building strategy to be successful, you need continuous content being produced to be compelling, and trust me, you want it to be. You can expect to see 434% more indexed pages and watch your inbound links grow to around 97% when your creative team is producing at a daily rate.

The good news? The lack of a creative team doesn’t have to limit your ability to improve your online visibility. 

You can get help writing content for your contextual links; check out our writing services.

Keep the Momentum Going

domain rating increaseSEO is not a set it and forget it type of thing. Your site needs constant attention to allow it to gain momentum in the SERPS. 6 months of quality link building and on-site SEO should get you to page 1 of Google.

That means you have to be posting almost daily and ensure that the content contains only the most quality links. 

Now, if you’re sitting there doing the math and realizing that there is no way you’ll have enough time each day to create optimized content for your business, the truth is, you’re right! If you’re currently managing a contracting business, you’ve probably got enough to worry about already.

That’s why companies invest in creative content services to oversee their online interests. Having their SEO strategies handled by professional firms allow them to focus on the areas of the business that they excel at, leaving the writing work to the writers!

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you with SEO for contractors and home builders. We can customize the best approach for you.

We Have First-Hand Experience with SEO for Contractors

Our team is proud to work with contractors from all over the globe because this is our favourite niche to work in. We’ve helped insulation companies, roofing companies, locksmiths, and appliance specialists find their place in the world of eCommerce.

From landscapers to electricians and painters and flooring contractors, over 10+ years, we’ve helped numerous industries establish their businesses using search engine optimization! Reach out today to find out how we can help you be the first choice when it comes to home contracting in your local area.

Make SEO Work for Your Home Contracting Business

Hopefully, this article has helped you gain a fundamental understanding of search engine optimization and how it can help you rise to the top of your local search engine suggestion list.

By initiating these small changes to the way you approach your online marketing strategy, you’ll soon find your business showing up in the right places at the right time.

If you can’t dedicate the time needed to properly ensure that your company is built for search engine optimization, we highly recommend meeting with us today to discuss how we can build an effective SEO strategy for your contracting business today!

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