Jean-Marc Begin

Jean-Marc Begin

As a college graduate in computer technology and a lifelong sales professional, JM has experience in a sales and business ownership capacity, which has led him to become a proficient marketer online with over 8 years of experience with SEO and digital marketing.

Early on, he saw a need for marketing that set the right expectations and led to sales. He purchased leads and paid for advertising but, over time, found that he was better at creating and managing lead flow on his own rather than simply paying to join the mainstream approach to lead generation.

This is now his main focus. As an SEO and PPC Marketer, he takes the role of representing your brand very seriously. This helps your business allocate its marketing budget to activities that grow the brand and create educated leads who are engaged and eager to learn more.

He aspires to work with companies looking for a polished and organized digital marketing professional but doesn’t need full-time or additional staff. If you would like to take your hands off the wheel and let a seasoned entrepreneur handle your online marketing or help with your lead quality,  you will be impressed with what Jean-Marc can provide. He also offers consulting services with the goal of streamlining your daily activities, freeing up time for prospecting as well as increasing the productivity of your business.

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