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We can help you with reviewing and optimizing your Adwords Campaigns and focus on making your business more ROI focused.

google ppc adwords ottawaRunning a Google AdWords campaign can be expensive if you don’t have a solid plan. You might end up buying broad keywords and going over your budget without generating a single email or phone call. So don’t fall into this trap!

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We will help you to maximize your return on every dollar you spend on Google AdWords and ensure that you only pay for high-quality traffic and generate the maximum amount of leads.

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We will setup, optimize and manage Adwords campaigns that give you the utmost control for growth while ensuring smart scalability and provide you with great results in terms of maximizing Click Through Rates (CTR), minimizing Cost Per Clicks (CPC), increasing your Return Over Investment (ROI) and improving your quality score.

Ready to maximize your campaign performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR, and sales? Then send us a message. 

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PPC is one of the most popular marketing strategies because you get to see results within minutes of an ad going live. Adwords is Google’s PPC platform, and it allows you to display ads on search engine results pages, Google products, and affiliated websites. This strategy is an essential part of your marketing campaign and must be implemented well. We can help with that.

Finding the Right PPC Keywords

Keywords trigger ads so they are the most important aspect of a PPC campaign. Different words brppc managering in different kinds of target audiences. For example, some keywords are geared towards research traffic; they’ll bring in more traffic, but the conversation rates might be low.

Some words are geared towards converting audiences, bringing in less traffic but more conversions. Just plucking words from the Adwords Keyword Planner tool isn’t always effective. We will look at the intent behind keywords to ensure you get good visibility and conversions.

Being Where Your Customers Are  

Ads should be displayed to a specific target audience as this drastically reduces expenses and increases returns. Optimizing location targeting helps you reach the right people. We can determine which locations provide better traffic and more conversions before setting geo-targets on your ads. This ensures Google only displays ads to search users from targeted locations. Geo-targeting helps increase visibility and conversions while reducing the overall costs as the ads are no longer displayed to audiences outside your reach.

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Testing and Analysis

ppc ottawaTesting is a very important aspect of running a successful campaign. We will split-test different ad copies, keywords, CTAs, landing pages, etc, so we can understand which combination delivers the best results. This testing also gives us insight into audience behaviour so we can make better campaigns in the future. We conduct several A/B testing ads to determine their current effectiveness.

Our experts will collect information regarding your company, study existing PPC campaigns, build new and optimize old ads, and collect data from active campaigns. We focus on all of these factors to create a highly efficient PPC campaign that works for your business.

Why Hire a Pay Per Click Marketing Account Manager?

Well-trained pay-per-click marketing account managers focus on generating maximum returns from minimum investment. They conduct in-depth research, read data collected by analytics, and utilize knowledge from their experience to create effective marketing campPPC account managementaigns. They’re aware of the latest PPC trends and can improve existing campaigns based on them, saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run.

An experienced account manager will also manage your PPC marketing budget so you won’t have to worry about going over budget. They’ll check active campaigns regularly, making sure they deliver great ROI. Active analytics ensures failing campaigns don’t keep consuming your resources.

contact usThese are just some of the many benefits of hiring a professional PPC account manager. Our efficient team has ample experience in this field; We can help you get great returns from PPC campaigns. If you want more information or want to hire our services, you can contact me today! I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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What Happens After Payment?

Once we receive the funding, we can begin setting up your Adwords campaign.

Intake Questionnaire:

We will send you an intake questionnaire to get more familiar with your goals, budget and competition.

Campaign Setup

After we have reviewed the intake form, we will then begin to work on your setup structure. We will research keywords appropriate for your niche, and set up ad copies, headings and text.

Test Test Test

Throughout the week, we will be optimizing your pay per click campaigns; these duties include:

Budget optimization
Partner Network review
Mobile bidding adjustments
Shopping Campaign adjustments
Display campaign adjustments
Ad rotation adjustments
Location bidding adjustments
Keyword bidding changes
Ad copy changes/revisions/testing
Negative expansion
Keyword expansion
Ad extension updates/expansions
Campaign/ad group expansion-breakouts/pausing etc

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Alice Barton
This team is great. They have always been able to answer any questions that I had quickly, I continue to work with them on my monthly SEO work. I’m happy so far. really Good!!!
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Ethan Patterson
I’ve been scammed by SEO agencies before so I was hesitant to start with a new company. Lark and JM were able to quickly get me the results I was finally looking for. I’m now on page 1 for several key terms and my traffic has increased. I’m very glad I found them!
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A pleasure to work with!
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They were able to secure high authority links for a project that was successfully delivered, well-written articles and delivery was on time. Really happy with the work.
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They went above and beyond on every level. Not only did they update me on the progress of the work but was available anytime I had a question. I would highly recommend Lark and her team to anyone looking for quality work. This is my second time working with Lark and JM and I am equally as happy this go around as I was the first time.