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Content calendars, at there essence are sharable calendars that show a total overview of content you plan to publish — especially in relation to any blogs, social media and/or digital marketing that you do. They are tools for helping to build and grow your online presence and help to keep you organized. In fact, they can be so helpful, that use often leads to a significantly higher traffic volume for your online website and social networking accounts. With that said, it is important to take a moment to learn how a content calendar can do these things.

Allows You to Stay Organizedcontent calendar template example ottawa seo company

To start, content calendars are going to keep you organized and in control because they allow you and your staff to visualize your entire content strategy at one time and adjust your framework as necessary and with deliberate intentions — as apposed to vague goals and lists of potential content, etc. Additionally they allow for significantly better communication between you and your staff members and ensure everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, they allow you to clearly see you plan for relating to and attracting your audience, thus allowing for the build up of trust between your site and it’s viewers, as well as content that is consistently of high quality and valuable to your target audience.

Ensures Growth of Your Web Presence

The other main thing a content calendar ensures, is growth of your overall web presence. It does this in part by helping to make certain you never spam one of your sites, while forgetting about another. Instead, it ensures you are spreading out your resources accordingly, making sure each outlet for marketing and posts is receiving just the right amount of attention. This then leads to an increase in overall traffic to your various pages, as again, you will be shown to be a consistence and reliable source — no matter what it is you cover.

An All in  One Strategic Marketing Tool

Clearly content calendars are useful for anyone who is looking to have a wide spread online presence, weather you’re a full time blogger or have a business that includes various blogs, social networking and digital marketing, etc. In fact, content calendars make sure we are making the most of all our efforts and should be viewed as more than a means to organization but as a strategic marketing tool in-and-of itself. Therefore, to answer the question of do you need one — yes, you absolutely do! Your team and your readers will thank you!

Simple Examples of Daily and Weekly Blog Post and Social Media Content Calendars

Weekly Blog Post  Content Calendar Example

Mondays –  How to ___ (keyword)___ Post
Wednesdays – Top 3 things you need to know about __(keyword)__
Fridays – Why You Need to __(keyword)__

Daily Social Media Content Calendar Example

Mondays – #Motivational Monday
Tuesdays – Statistics / Facts Post/Image
Wednesdays – Promotional Post
Thursdays – Statistics / Facts Post/Image
Fridays – Happy Friday Post
Saturdays – Viral Content
Sundays – Promotional Post

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