pokemon go social media marketing ottawaIf you own a business and live in the 21st century, then you’ve doubtless heard about the Pokemon Go craze as well as the benefits and necessity of using social media for marketing your business. Few enterprises however, offer such a good example of just how effective social media marketing can be, as does the new game Pokemon Go. This game — which users can download onto their mobile phones to play — has taken like fire to a forest within communities all over the World. Practically overnight it gained a tremendous amount of recognition and attention, with hundreds of thousands of people downloading the app, curious to know what the hype was all about.

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Massive Social Media Success

So how exactly did social media help to fuel this craze? By spreading the word on a massive scale. By using social media as their primary marketing source, the creators of Pokemon Go where able to quickly and effectively spread the word of their new game, to people who loved and remembered playing with Pokemon cards when they where younger. This then set off a chain reaction. Said Pokemon fanatics began to talk about and share their experiences with the game, which caused other to take notice. This continued until until so many people where talking about the trend that it became impossible to ignore. Capitalizing on word-of-mouth and the fact that social media sites are where people tend to go to get any sort of news these days, the creators of Pokemon Go where able to effectively get the word out about their new game and generate enough interest to make it an overwhelming success within a matter of a few days.

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

What does this teach you about social media marketing for your business? It shows you just how important it is to be where your customers and clients are. As said above, the vast majority of people in today’s World use social media as a primary source of news and communication. Therefore, if you can gain any sort of traction in this arena it will benefit your business enormously. Getting people talking about what it is you offer in an area where others are going to see these discussions, will make a large difference to the continued growth and success of your business — and it doesn’t have be be the viral recognition that Pokemon Go go in order to work. So don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing, peer endorsement and recognition is huge — make sure to use it.

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