You might be finding it difficult to convert your traffic into sales. This is very common and in this post we will talk about how to convert your website traffic into conversions, sales and get more long term retention of your visitors. If you haven’t read our post on ranking you can read it here. –> Top Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Ranking<–

When you can convert, creating more success if just a matter of scaling traffic.

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The conversion process is all about relevance. Relevant traffic with a relevant offer is what converts. Try to stay on topic, stay within your target niche and absolutely stay relevant. Being relevant doesn’t always mean selling your product. You must help people and remember that it is not always about selling.  Offer solutions, guidance and helpful tips to help with common problems. When you are helping people solve their problems you are getting into the mind of your traffic. This is extremely important when it comes to ranking in Google.

Try to put yourself in your prospects shoes. Tap into the mind of your traffic. Figure out what terms they are typing into Google and why. Also think about yourself as a consumer, if you were ottawa seo companylooking for a certain product in a search engine what would you type in? A long tail keyword, a question, a few keywords or a long paragraph?

Don’t be afraid to step away from the computer. Sometimes we can be the most creative when we are not fully focused on the task at hand. Sometimes when you are sleeping you will have the perfect idea.

If you are not getting any clicks then perhaps you have a low bounce rate and you will have to look at ways to improve your site in order to keep traffic engaged and on it for longer.  Make ottawa seo companysure your  site  is clutter free  and clean, people will be more likely to stay on the site and click around and it will not effect your bounce rate negatively. One reason why you are not selling (if your site is product based) is that perhaps you are not using a help based approach and you are selling too much or the content is heavily sales based. Make sure you are not too ‘salesy’. Use a subtle approach! Another reason for low conversions could simply be your site is not relevant to the search term.

Some things to look over: Go back and check your links and your ad copy to make sure everything works. Maybe some links are not working or your content/features or posts are outdated. Try to update everything and make it relevant with your current promotions or offerings. It’s important that your site has a brand or a flow from page to page. Everything should be related. Try to keep the colours, the wording and even the font the same so that your visitors know they came to the right place for what they were looking for. Use analytics and webmaster tools to find how long your visitors stay on your site and what content they are looking over. Be careful with banners, they are not as effective and Google thinks they lower the value of your site. If you have a lot of banners you might not get ranked well.

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