If you are new with Snapchat, maybe it is time to get familiar with it. We just started using it for sharing funny images with our friends! Snapchat is a mobile photo-messaging application that enables users to create short videos and take photos that remain viewable to recipients for around 2-10 seconds, then the snap will disappear forever in the dark tubes of the black hole. Snapchat gives you the option to send texts, videos, video calls and chats amongst your contacts and since we all love convenience and videos, this is a great social network that could help businesses expand their reach worldwide in a fun way.

Use Snapchat to Highlight Special Events

If your business is hosting live events, Snapchat is a great tool to use to leverage and take videos of the event taking place and sharing them with your audience. Your audience will have direct access to your live event, regardless where they are located.

ottawa seo company snapchat for business seo company ottawa snapchat businessExample: NBA used Snapchat during draft picks, finals, and All-Star games. In 2014, NBA All-Star Game introduced its brand on Snapchat, where followers were able to get to meet the players during the game.

Some other top brands that are using this app are SourPatchKids @sourpatchsnaps, General Electric @generalelectric, Gatorade, The New York Times @thenytimes, HubSpot @hubspotinc

Use Snapchat to Show Sneak Previews of Your New Products

You can use the Snapchat app to show off your new products and pictures. Since these images last for a few seconds only, you can expect a fair amount of people to spread around your latest offering. It would be great to send out a few teaser videos during your next product launch.

Should You Use Snapchat for Your Business?

Just like in any marketing channel or social network, before you wonder if you can use Snapchat for your business, you need to determine first if it would be a good idea. These stats from this year may help you decide if it’s right for you:

How to Use Snapchat for your Business

When it comes to intimacy and immediacy, Snapchat makes it perfect to use for all sorts of marketing campaigns including:

  1. Behind the scenes on how your products are made.
  2. Introduce employees that help run your business.
  3. Quick tips and advice associated with your products or expertise.
  4. Product reviews that only your friends will see before launching.
  5. Giveaways and coupons.

Still not sure if Snapchat is right for your marketing campaign? Let us help you with your social media marketing and find the networks that would suit your target audience the best.

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