The first step when using Linkedin to promote your business is to create a detailed profile. The best Linkedin profile will have a high quality and professional photo of yourself, a short description of your business that includes trending keywords that relate to your business, and some strong recommendations from your former employers, current business partners or others who are affiliated with your business. Another thing you can do is ask your employees to start their own LinkedIn pages and build new contacts.

Start Your Own Discussion Groupbest ways to use linkedin for your business

This is one of the best ways to promote your business through LinkedIn because you can get others to join your group who own businesses in an industry similar to yours. Initiate some thought provoking questions to community members and also act as a mentor to those wishing to enter the industry by leaving good advice in the forum for them.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Answers and with this feature you have the opportunity to answer questions from other LinkedIn members. By doing this you’re establishing yourself as an expert while promoting your business at the same time. While answering questions include some links to specific webpages within your business website for people to visit.

Post Job Openings

If your primary goal is to hire more talented and reliable employees, LinkedIn is ideal for you because many job applicants seek out new job openings from specific companies. You should post your latest job openings on LinkedIn and you can also send messages to members who you feel would be a great match for your company.

Invite Customers To Leave Feedback on Your Profile Page

This is helpful because it gives you an idea of  how satisfied your current customers are with your products and it gives potential customers an idea of why people enjoy doing business with your company. This method is also less expensive than preparing brochures for a direct mail campaign or doing TV advertising.

When you use LinkedIn to create a great business profile page and take advantage of the website’s supplemental resources, you’ll have a greater chance of getting noticed. Since LinkedIn also has a mobile friendly version of its’ website, you have the opportunity to reach millions more with your efforts. Finally, you save money and time by advertising with this website.

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