Facebook is an important and necessary method of promoting your business since millions of potential customers and current ones have Facebook accounts and they’re looking out for new businesses that would serve their needs. You may see Facebook advertising as intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some simple ways to promote your business through Facebook.

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Hold Product Promotions

This is one of the best ways to promote your business through Facebook. Promote mostly your best loved products but occasionally you should hold giveaways of products that are not selling too well. You could also post blogs and videos stating why the products you’re giving away will benefit customers.

Stay Interactive With Your Followers

Facebook is primarily a social website so even if you’re using this site to promote your business, don’t forget the soOttawa seo company, social media manager ottawa, social media ottawa, ottawa social media, social media marketing ottawa, ottawa seo manager, ottawa Facebook manager, ottawa twitter manager, ottawa status update manager, ottawa marketing, ottawa seo, ottawa marketing services, ottawa local marketing, ottawa website, ottawa website maintenance, ottawa website services, marketing in ottawa, how to get website ranked ottawa, website rankingcial aspect of it. Post some blogs that are relevant to the industry you’re in, and you should also write some how-to articles that will help Facebook visitors manage their lives better or fix a common problem. Within the how-to articles you can discuss how your products can be used to complete the tasks. Respond quickly to people’s comments and initiate a forum discussion to draw potential customers to your Facebook business page.

Create Content That Will Show Your Expertise

Another great way to promote your business through Facebook is to create unique content that will show your expertise in your industry. For example, if you operate a talent scouting agency where you seek out up and coming musicians and songwriters, you would include video presentations and articles that help aspiring artists get noticed by agencies such as yours. Point them to resources that can help them create demo tapes or acquire voice lessons to improve their skills.

Let’s Get Local! 

Local residents particularly use Facebook to get the latest information about their favourite businesses so if you sell products and services to local audiences, you should localize your Facebook business page. Use keywords that target a certain target customer base in your city and you want to discuss topics that relate to the local customers who visit your Facebook page. Another thing you can do is include a link back to your website where they can download an app for your website. By doing this you take advantage of the mobile market among locals.

Mention Upcoming In Store Events ottawa seo company nerd

Just because you’re advertising on Facebook doesn’t mean you need to abandon traditional advertising. On your Facebook business page, you can advertise your upcoming in-store events and the discounts you’re offering on your products. Be sure to announce these events at least a few days ahead of time.


Facebook offers a host of ways to promote your business and sometimes you may experience overload when using this tool. Simplify things by sticking mostly to the techniques that work the best for you. Finally, have fun while promoting your business on this site.

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