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Should You Be Using Instagram to Market Your Business?Instagram is a social networking site that uses visual images to capture the attention and interest, creating leads to your small business through little to no cost to yourself. The world of online marketing through the use of social media has opened up to any size business and thus Instagram is a means worth investing in to ensure a good, readily available marketing tool at your disposal.

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Are Hashtags Important?

The hashtag is an important tool in marketing your small business and should be incorporated into any serious business marketing plan, big or small. You should use popular and trending hashtags in order to gain a larger amount of traffic. More relevant hashtags will increase the reach and engagement of your updates.

What to Post

With at least 600 Million users every month using Instagram, the potential to market your business is at your own fingertips. To use this service effectively, you will need to ensure that you schedule your content to create a consistent flow of content which your follows will come to expect from you.  This shows consistency and reliability to your followers. A great way to have content on hand at short notice, is to save a few posts as drafts and if you’re at a creative standoff, then post these on hand items to avoid having a dry spell on your feed. These posts can often be about the how to of your business or perhaps insider meet and greets of your team.

Be creative, the choices are endless. Just a word of advice – do not overdo it with posts about nothing useful on your feed. All your posts should be relevant and meaningful. Don’t post just to be present as this may annoy some of your followers.

Even though Instagram has made its mark using photos, the video feature is fast becoming a predominant feature in the app. The 60 seconds of video that you can post is plenty of time to get a message across to your followers.

Another important part of your strategy should be that you are not in business mode 24/7. Make sure that you are not seen as the company that only promotes their brand and nothing else. Add a sense of fun and even humour to your posts to ensure that your followers are kept interested.  Subtlety is sometimes the best promotion tactic.

What About Followers?

One of the cardinal rules of Instagram is that if somebody follows you, you should follow them back. It’s a tit for tat situation when using social media so to ensure that you build your audience and sometimes this means building somebody else’s first. Follow people to get a potentially larger number of followers for your own page.

The last point will be that you need to broaden your horizons in terms of the way you present your posts  Research apps that can make your posts stand head and shoulders above your competitors.  There are a vast range of apps which work alongside Instagram to offer great ways to edit, repost and enhance your images.

If you have any further questions about instagram marketing or want to check out our $100/month Instagram management packages, contact us today!

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.