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Having a great website is essential, especially if you have a small business that you’d like to grow. A poorly designed website will cause you to lose customers. Website design mistakes happen too often, and they can have a negative impact on your brand.

Learn about these top 5 common web design mistakes in order to avoid them:

Difficult navigation: People visit your site to find specific information, but if your website design makes this difficult and frustrating, it will leave the impression that your business may be just as disorganized as your website. Good navigation requires a seamless experience, so that visitors stay on your site longer. This will lead to more visitors, readers, leads, and sales; whichever is the objective of your site.

Vague Or No Call To Action: Many small businesses underestimate the importance of a clear call to action. A website with endless information and paragraphs won’t lead the users to the desired action you want them to do: for example; buy from your site, contact you, or subscribe to your newsletter. A clear call to action should be designed properly and requires as little work as possible from the user; otherwise they’ll end up leaving your website.

Poorly written content: The number 1 reason people visit websites is for the unique and interesting content they provide. It’s extremely important to factor that in when designing your website. Many small businesses tend to make the mistake of overwhelming their visitors with information and forget all about how the content is presented. Keep in mind that visitors prefer to scan through information quickly to get the information they need at a faster rate. Some important considerations when designing your visual content include the use of white space, breaking up blocks of text using bullets, subheadings, or paragraphs; and the correct use of letter spacing and margin.

Image and content overload: When a visitor can’t understand what your website is all about within the first few seconds of arriving, they’ll leave. A poorly designed website is one that has too many elements and a user won’t have any idea what is going on. Avoid having a crowded website by using images and text appropriately so that you can prevent confusing your visitors.

Irrelevant or low quality images: Top-quality graphics and photos should be a priority in web design. Images have the power to convey information and thoughts, without requiring the visitor to read text. Many small businesses still don’t understand the value of using beautiful images and graphics in their website, which will turn off visitors. Irrelevant images will confuse your visitors if they don’t tie into the overall theme of your business or website. Learn more with Nashville web design.

When thinking about hiring a web design company, always keep the brand image and target audience in mind throughout the design process. These elements should be considered from planning to launch; and once you have all of these in place, visitors will naturally be drawn to your site and will find it useful and practical.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.