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Instagram is a very popular platform and has an ever growing audience. With over 700 million monthly active users, it’s not a platform you can afford to ignore if you want to establish a great presence on social media. At Profit Parrot Marketing, we provide thorough and comprehensive Instagram marketing services to small businesses and can help you thrive on this platform.

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How Can We Help? 

We have a team of experienced social media marketers that understand how Instagram works and will design the best marketing campaign for your brand. Here’s how we can help:

Building Optimized Profiles

The first step is to develop a dedicated Instagram profile for your business. As this is a mobile-only platform, the account can only be managed through an app on a smart phone. We can set up an account, ensure your profile aligns with your brand presence on other platforms, and make it suitable for your marketing campaigns.

Linking Facebook and Instagram Business Accountsinstagram social media manager ottawa

Instagram is owned by Facebook and you need to connect both accounts if you want to access some of the features in Facebook analytics. You can claim your Instagram account from your Facebook analytics platform. Our experts will handle that for you and ensure the exchange of data between the two platforms is smooth.

Creating and Posting Organic Content

 Marketing on Instagram is very personal and organic. As the name implies, all content is “instant”. You can take pictures on your smart phones, edit, use filters, use tools like Boomerang, etc, to create content. We will help you plan content, develop a posting schedule, arrange for user and influencer generated content, and even help you plan live videos.

Paid Marketing (Instagram Ads)

You can promote certain posts on Instagram by simply clicking on the promote button. We can help design paid promotional campaigns, determine the right budget, and ensure the content generates enough returns to justify the investment. We will also use third-party analytics platforms to keep track of all content.

Managing and keeping track of organic and paid marketing on Instagram can be a challenge because your campaign will span across two different platforms. Our marketers are familiar with the process and can help maintain a consistent brand presence and get good results.

If you want more information about our Instagram marketing plans starting from $100/month, contact Profit Parrot Marketing. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

—->Instagram Marketing Plans Starting from $100/Month<—-