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 How Social Media Can Help You Generate Sales for Your Business

Running a business, especially in this day and age, seems simple until you consider that there is more to it than simply managing your staff and providing your service or product. A huge part of running a successful business relies on your marketing and what you do to advertise your product or service – with the technology available today, spreading the word about your business is much easier than it used to be, all thanks to social media platforms. The best thing about using social media is that there are so many different platforms that all work in different ways – meaning that there is more than one way to advertise your business.

Using Facebook as a Marketing Platform

Facebook is absolutely the most popular social media platform and there are very few people who choose not to use it. It is most commonly used for personal profiles but is also very well known for having pages and groups wherein you can advertise your service or product – by doing that you not only reach other businesses that might want to hire you or have similar services but you also reach many people on a personal level through their profiles.

In addition to being a fantastic platform to advertise your business, it is also a social media platform that users will use more frequently during the day than other platforms – you will often find that people are on Facebook during the day while they are at work and after hours when they are home. This lends great opportunity for your business’ name to be spread out during working hours when other entrepreneurs can reach out to you or your business. Of course, with 24 hour availability and everyone being able to see what you offer at all times – your sales will be given a massive boost.

Use Instagram to Reach a More Specific Target Market

As people of all ages use Facebook as a preferred social media platform, there are few better choices when it comes to advertising but if you look a little further into other platforms like Instagram, you will notice that there is a more specific crowd you will be able to target.

If your product or service specializes more in the younger, flashier crowd – Instagram is the way to go as it revolves solely around visual stimulation. We all know that teenagers aren’t fans of reading much so snapping a picture or video of what your business offers and putting it on blast on a social media platform like this will draw their attention without losing it soon after. Taking pictures or videos of your service or product may also offer some insight into how it works without having to ask too many questions – giving users the opportunity to decide on whether they want it or not instantly, or as they see it.

Of course, there are many other social media platforms beyond these two and each will reach a different target market, the key is simply knowing which to use appropriately to what you are offering as a business.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.