If you want to know how to use social media in your business, then here are 30 of the best tips for using social media in your business:30 Best Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

  1. Use videos and video links to garner attention by sharing the link or the video itself on different social media sites.
  2. Make good use of online reviews to better your traffic flow for your business.
  3. Make extensive use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as it will draw more traffic to your site if you’re higher up on the Google Rankings.
  4. Facebook and Twitter and YouTube aren’t the only social media sites…look for other popular social media sites (like LinkedIn) to promote your business on.
  5. Take advantage of the busy times of the day (the times of day when the most people are on a specific social media site).
  6. Directly introduce yourself to your customers and get to know them. Find out what they’d want to see happen to the business (get actual feedback).
  7. Do an email blitz that has the link to your website in the body of the email to try and get people to use your business/product.
  8. Make sure, if you make a video, your video not only properly shows off your product and what it does, but it grabs the attentions of all viewers.
  9. Encourage people to ‘share’ your video or your website link with their friends and family and try to get them to spread news of your business/product.
  10. Actually consider showing your customers and your potentials some of the more personal aspect of your business’ finances; this way, people know that you are in the black.
  11. Don’t go about listing the names of your competitors, as that can be viewed as a form of slander, seeing as that usually is followed up by something degrading or negative about the competition.
  12. Be real with your customers. Do not do an email blitz of one constant message. Personally address each and every one of your customers, as much as possible, to show the customer base that you are legitimate and willing to actually take the time to socialize about your business with your customers.
  13. Do not impersonate a famous person or company simply for the sake of increasing your sales and your overall figure across the Internet. This will backfire, and this will ruin your current figure, as nobody likes a poser.
  14. Help your employees help you by giving them the opportunity to become friendly with each other and bond, whether it be by personal interaction, or even social media itself.
  15. Always be sure to dole out special rewards and benefits to customers who remain loyal to you, that way you can nudge them and encourage them to be even more loyal to you, and to not go over to the competition’s ‘dark side’.
  16. Always scope the online social media sites for any ‘idle conversation’ regarding your business, that way you can always be ahead of the game in case someone doesn’t like your employees or your overall business.
  17. Do not become angry with your customers because of a negative review, especially in public or online. A single angry outburst can lead to people boycotting your business and stopping you from getting any profit. Publicly offer to personally sort out the complaint of the unhappy customer.
  18. If you have a business that is always evolving, always keep your customer base up-to-date by use of Twitter or Facebook, and post daily status updates so that everyone can be on the same page as you.
  19. Get yourself into a bigger amount of markets by posting all over social media, and even posting offline too, such as ads in the newspaper, flyers, coupons, etc.
  20. If you’re advertising online, run your advertising campaign focused directly at a specific demographic that would benefit most from your business. It’s easier to make an ad that targets one specific group than everyone in general.
  21. Take the time to try to find out the locations of most of your online customers. See if more of your customers are from one area than any other, and you’ll know that’s where you should put a bit more focus on your advertising.
  22. Sometimes, a customer might have a problem and another customer might be the one to solve it. Don’t see this as someone doing your work for you…see it as someone doing your work for you. It’s a huge benefit when customers help each other out, as that builds a sort of community within your customer base, and it builds your personal reputation.
  23. Trick your customers into doing some of your promoting for you. If you have some customers that really like your business, ask them to share a link or share the idea with all of their friends.
  24. Become so friendly with your customers that you can actually get on a first-name basis and ensure that they will always be repeat customers.
  25. Do not promote so aggressively that people start to feel like you’re harassing them or being too forceful.
  26. Make a major point of actually meeting with some of your customers in person to help bolster your sales.
  27. If you know someone influential or famous in your local area, see if you can ask them to promote or endorse your business.
  28. Helping out other business owners with their problems can help show your customers that you are a kind person and have good sportsmanship.
  29. Look for employees who will satisfy all of your wishes. Don’t just hire an Average Joe who doesn’t know the first thing about your business.
  30. Look for actual partners who could help the future of your business, and make sure to invest in your future by doing so

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