SEO might seem like a complicated process full of algorithms and strict rules to follow. If you feel like you have tried to get your site ranked for several months now and nothing seems to be working then you must be pretty frustrated by now. Even if you know all the ins and outs of SEO one day, another day the rules might  change and your site might be flagged. If you are following all of the webmaster guidelines laid out by google then perhaps you are making the 3 simple SEO mistakes below.

3 simple seo mistakes Keyword Stuffing Keyword stuffing means you are using the same keywords over and over again in unnatural ways. If you are constantly posting the same set of keywords in your content, tags, categories and comments then this will look suspicious and unnatural to the searching robots and they will start to hate your website. There is no need to over-add  keywords. The rule for keywords that works well is to place them once in your title, once in your first paragraph, another time in your content when it’s relevant and once in your tags. Stick with this rule to and you will avoid keywords stuffing! Relevant Content If your website has a high bounce rate, this should tell you something. If you are getting a click from a search engine but your visitors do not stay long then perhaps your content isn’t relevant to the keyword that person was searching for. Bounce rates will effect whether or not your site has a good ranking. Keep your content relevant and be human! Find helpful resources to share or post a solution to a common problem that you found interesting or beneficial. People will come back to your website if they see that your content is relevant and helpful. Like our site of course ;P 

Outdated Website3 easy seo mistakes

All that highlighting, colours and flashing banners will not convince someone to stay on your site for a long period of time. If anything, it’s annoying and your viewer will close the site and remember to never go back to it. Simple and beautiful websites are what you should be aiming for. Make your site clean and ad free. Use some colourful but beautiful and relevant pictures and engage your readers with inspiring content. By avoiding keyword stuffing, keeping your content relevant and having an up to date website, you will be able to have a better chance of more visits to your site and more viewers staying on your site to see what other content you are providing. Following the guidelines and making edits so that your bounce rate is lower will help your rankings increase drastically!

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