Are you tired of getting emails that are filled with broken English, random website links and no sentence structure? If so, you might be experiencing a bad case of blog spam. Spam can harm your website and even detract visitors from going to your site. It’s also not good for search engine optimization purposes and can harm your ranking.

There are several ways you can banish blog spam, here are some tips that can help.

1. Install a Captcha Code

Whether you’re getting spam through your contact form or your comments section, you should be sure to implement a captcha code box. This will stop almost all of your spam comments and emails. It adds an extra few steps in the process that will hinder the bots or other spam software from passing their spam on to you.

2. Theme Settings:

Depending on the theme you use, sometimes you are able to play around with your blog settings and allow or disallow comments in your blog section.

3. Allow Only Registered User Comments

Another option in the theme settings is to only allow registhow to banish blog spamered users to comment on your posts. If you select this option, you might be turning away real visitors with real comments because they don’t have a registered profile but you will also be kicking out the spammers.

4. Allow Comments in Moderation

There’s another option to allow comments in moderation; which means the comments won’t get approved until you have read them and marked them for approval.

If you allow comments, you will need to spend a vast amount of time deleting your comments and marking them for approval or as spam. The next option to combat spam monitoring from taking up your valuable time is listed below.

5. Don’t Allow Comments

If you’re simply using your blog for personal reasons or just to share with your friends and family, there’s always an option to disallow comments. When you don’t allow people to comment, you will be taking away the opportunity for a spammer to comment as well.

6. Use Plugins:

Certain blog sites will give you the option of installing plugins to help banish blog spam.  WordPress, for example uses Akismet which has a high rate of success and catches spam comments before they get posted to your website.

Some more popular WordPress spam plugins are: WordPress Simple Firewall, WP Anti Spam, SI Captcha Anti-Spam, AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter and Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam. Some of these plugins will even allow you to use multiple plugins at once to help banish your blog spam.

If you’ve tried one of these methods and you’re still noticing a large amount of spam, it’s time to try another method. The spam robots are getting sneakier and are learning new ways to get around the protection that’s in place today. Finding the right spam-free solution will be different for each website, one trick might work with a certain theme and not with another. It’s important to stay on top of your spam comments and do what you can to avoid being a victim.

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