Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing and ever-adapting phenomena which evolves so radically that it is becoming increasingly difficult for online businesses to keep up with the changes. The trends and strategies revolving around SEO come and go like the tides on a full moon. What might work today could become an obsolete trend tomorrow. In fact, the effectiveness of SEO strategies might also vary between the types of online businesses. However, there are some common SEO mistakes which every brand, website, and blog must avoid at all costs. seo things you should never do ottawa seo experts company

1) Keyword Stuffing

There is probably no other more misunderstood SEO strategy for web content than keyword density. Web content that tells the same story over and over again only looks poor. Nobody likes to see repetitive web content that has no valuable information.

See what we did there? The keyword ‘web content’ is repeated 3 times in about a 40-word paragraph, with the same idea being expressed in different ways.

Keyword stuffing is a shady tactic to use a keyword repetitively in a web copy in an attempt to attract to Google crawlers and manipulate a website’s ranking in Google’s search engine result pages. Although it does attract Google, but definitely not in the right way. Excessive use of keywords is interpreted as spam by Google, and can therefore result in a website being taken down.

2) Ignoring Meta Tags

A meta tag or title tag is the name of your web page that appears on Google’s (or any other search engine’s) search results when they look it up. Every individual page on a website should have a unique and meaningful meta tag.

If the home page, products page, and contact page of your website all have the same meta tag on Google’s search results, users will be not know whether the content of the page is relevant to what they’re looking for or not. This will drive user traffic away from your website.

Secondly, same title tags for all pages is considered duplicate content by search engines and can result in your website being pushed down in search rankings.

3) Not Building a Responsive Website

Google recently made a colossal change its algorithm. In a nutshell, the search engine’s crawlers now favor websites that are developed to respond to different screen sizes, like laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

If your website is only made to fit on laptop screen and is not fluid to shrink and display its content on smaller screens of tablet and smartphone, you are not going to make it into Google’s good books. Since users are increasing accessing the internet on-the-go from their tablets and smartphones, it is critical to have a responsive website to get more conversions.

These are the 3 most commonly made SEO mistakes which can easily be avoided with a little bit of research and help of a reputable web developing company. (ahem…us!) Remember that quality comes at a price!

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