Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates Through Facebook Ads ottawa seo company

With its monthly 2.38 billion active users, creating a Facebook ad can be an excellent way to boost your conversion rates and generate more sales. If you implement the right strategy properly, a Facebook advertisement can become a very powerful tool that can skyrocket your revenue potential and help you acquire more market share within your industry.

Select Your Marketing Goal

If you know your goal, you can reach both new and former costumers and improve your conversion rates with minimal spending. Facebook provides you with exceptional targeting options such as demographics, behavior, interests, and more, which makes it a great way to reach your desired target audience. However, when targeting your audience, you would want to consider one of the three marketing objectives available; conversion, consideration, and awareness.

facebook ad marketing management ottawa seoConversions

The conversion objective encourages your target audience to take action on your website and is the perfect marketing choice for a business that wants to generate instant sales. With the conversion objective, you have the option to choose between conversions, catalog sales, and store visits.


The consideration objective leaves you with a wide range of ways to drive engagement to your business, such as traffic to a platform of your choice, engagement on your page or advertisement, app installs, and more. This objective is another excellent way to boost your conversion rates. 


The awareness objective is the perfect tool for a business that is looking to bring more attention to their brand, with the goal to eventually increase buyer interest and better the chances of conversion.

Choose Your Target Audience

When choosing your target audience, it can be quite a difficult task, especially if you operate in a very niche market. Your goal should be to reach a wide but very specific crowd, which you can do through the following steps:

Create a Custom Audience

If you decide to customize the audience that you are going to be targeting with your advert, you have the full flexibility of who you are targeting. So, as an example, if you are looking to promote your local retail shop in Ottawa, you should target both males and females between the ages of 18 – 65 that are within a 5 or 10 km radius. This will guarantee that your ad spend is only allocated towards targeting customers that can physically visit your local shop.

Detailed Targeting

The next step is to refine the audience that will see your Facebook ad, and through exceptional targeting options, you have the choice to add additional demographic information and target an audience with specific behavior and interests. While it is great to specify your target audience in more detail, you should try and avoid targeting more than one interest groups at a time, as it could end up mixing the results you get from your advertisement and make it difficult for you to decide where to put your money next.

Facebook ads can have a big positive financial impact on your business. Through Facebook advertisements, you will not only have the chance to save money by not spending resources on people that are not interested in what you have to offer but will also provide you with a lot of valuable data that can teach you a lot about your current and potential customers. If you need help with your next PPC campaign, contact our team today.


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