The 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach for Free

Social media marketing is at its height. It’s one of the best ways to develop a large number of connections and get your content out to a wider audience. Facebook is a very popular platform; considering that by the last count, there were 1.35 billion billion people in the world on FB, that’s a truly staggering statistic. Here are the 3 best ways to boost your Facebook reach for free.

best ways to boost facebook reach

Needless to say, we at Profit Parrot feel that every business owner should take advantage of this platform. You don’t need to spend money for boosting your reach on Facebook; you can find ways to do it for free.

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1) Analyze your Performance

If you have already posted a considerable amount of content on Facebook, you can analyze its performance by looking into your Facebook Page insights. This feature lists your pages likes, comments and shares. You can use this data to rank your content. Once you’ve done that, you can study all of your highly ranked posts to understand just what made them so popular with your audience.

That will give you a very clear idea of what sort of articles, graphics or videos they like and which form of media they prefer the most. When you have that information, you can publish more content on similar topics in similar formats and tone. Mind, you shouldn’t go overboard here. If you just keep posting one type of content, you’re going to lose audience instead of gaining them.

2) Get the Timing Right 

A keen-eyed analysis of your Facebook insights would also help you understand when to post the content. Naturally, some days are better than others. Depending on your target audience, the timing can vary. There are certain times of the day that are better for posting the content than others.

For example, if you post in the middle of a work or school day, your content might just be ignored. If you post during the evening or in the morning just before the day starts, you’re more likely to get attention. Check out this image of the best times to post on Facebook for more guidance.

the best times to post on facebook to boost reach(image source)

3) Don’t Forget Call-to-Action and Blogs

It’s always a good idea to have a personal blog. Unlike Facebook, your blog is your own piece of virtual property. Put a CTA in every piece of content you post on Facebook, drawing people’s attention towards your blog. You should also ask people to share, like and comment on your content, which will make it visible to their connections.

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