When it comes to launching, tweaking and updating algorithms, Google seems to constantly be in evolve-mode. Now, local businesses are feeling the pressure. Very recently, the Internet Giant announced that all inactive “My Business” accounts might just become unverified. One of the latest updates that Google Maps has for Androids tells users your shop/establishment has either shut-down/closed, if you have failed to update your business hours on the system.https://profitparrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/3-Local-Ranking-Techniques-that-Actually-Work-ottawa-seo-company.png

This simply means that the spotlight is now shining down brightly on the importance of local SEO. With this in view, it’s becoming imperative for small businesses to adopt local ranking techniques that will help keep them at the top of search results. Here are three local ranking techniques that really work:

1. Get on Google Maps

This is one aspect you can’t miss. When people are in a specific location, and are looking for your business, it’s crucial that they are able to locate you without much of a hassle; or they’ll just take their business to the next company they can find. This is why you have to ensure that your business is listed on Google Maps. You can do this via your My Business account. Make sure your profile is updated or else as far as Google is concerned, you could be as good as invisible.

2. Local Link Building

Since the time Google unleashed its Pigeon algorithm update, link building has become an essential thread of the local search fibre. Typically, link building is a networking technique. From an SEO standpoint, your aim should be to acquire a larger number of links from local business websites leading back to your site. This will up your value on the Google search algorithm; which in turn will raise your ranking in the search results. Local directories, citation sources and guest blogging are some of the best ways in which you can build your local links naturally.

3. Use Local Keywords

This is another important technique to increase your ranking. If you have a local business, it’s obvious that you want to attract local customers. Conduct a bit of research on the keywords that are being used in local searches for the product or service you deal in. Ensure that the content on your site is optimized with those specific keywords. It will help attract qualified customers to your site.

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