5 Ways to Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

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Most website owners have to deal with the worrying issue of bounce rates; though this isn’t catastrophic, it can still leave you pulling out your hair in frustration. What you need to understand as a website owner is, it is an indication that something is amiss and that some aspect of your website needs fixing. Here are a few tips to reduce your website’s bounce rate:

how to reduce website bounce rate

1) Target the Right Audience

When it comes to driving users to your site, keyword optimization becomes all important; the thing you have to pay attention to is that you shouldn’t be attracting the wrong kind of traffic. The users who actually visit your site should be qualified in terms of their interests and needs. Use keywords that are specific to the product/services you are selling, on the home page as well as all the landing pages.

2) Reconsider the Positioning of Content on Your Website

Bounces occur when visitors reach your site and exit before moving through to any other page(s). Sometimes, this could take place either because they didn’t find information that was relevant to them there, or they found what they were looking for and didn’t feel the need to delve deeper into your website.

Maintain a clear and clean layout, use simple copy and images where appropriate. The call to actions should be strategically placed so that customers will quickly click on them and contact you if required. The navigation should be wide and broad versus a deeper navigation

3) Use the Targeted Content Technique 

Keep first-time visitors engaged by utilizing Audience Targeting tools; these give you the ability to show different messages to different users. Ideally, these messages should pop-up if and when a visitor demonstrates exit intent, and encourage them to take action

4) Content Recommendation Tools 

While you are doing all of this, ensure that you encourage site engagement by using Content Recommendation tools. These use the online activity of the user, as well as popular content to highlight information that is relevant to them, which will encourage them to click and navigate to other pages on your site.

5) Make Sure it’s Mobile Friendly

Very importantly, ensure that your site is mobile friendly. People everywhere are increasingly using mobile devices to access product or service-related information; and if they are unable to access your website easily via their smart phones or tabs, they will exit it in hurry.

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