Google+ came out with a bang and big promises to dominate the social media industry. It seems as though we can call their success an epic fail as the kids would say these days. The platform seems to be a little too “advanced” for the modern everyday social media user and they never really met their goal of defeating facebook or even coming close to it.


Is Google+ Still a Thing?

So is Google+ still a thing? Yes. Should you be using it for your business? Well that depends. Let’s dive into some situations where you should be using Google+ for your business, and when it doesn’t matter so much.

Google+ has recently become a ghost town but whatever business you choose. It’s important to at least have a brand page and a profile signed up with a google account in your real name.

If you are an avid blogger, a google profile entitles you to receive google authorship and that can come in hand when you are creating blog posts on your website, or taking credit for a post on someone else’s

Having a profile in your name and a Google+ brand page can also help your website and name be found in the search engines. Because Google owns Google+ and you want to get ranked in Google…(that’s a lot of Google’s) it’s great to use their apps/social media and whatever else they come out with because they will give your site priority over someone who doesn’t use their services. For search engine optimization, you should definitely use Google+ to its full potential.

Google + and Search Engine Optimization

For more SEO benefits, keep an active brand page and profile. Update your followers at least once a week, and try to share industry leading content that is relevant to your niche. Keep your business page updated with a full profile, location images, hours, map location and embed this map into your website.

You never want to pass up the opportunity to get in front of a potential customer’s eyes. Although Google+ might seem like a poorly populated social media network, the minimum you can do to keep Google happy and get your site in its search engines is to have an updated profile, and to keep it active.

If you are having trouble setting up your maps, business page or even keeping your google+ page updated with great content. Contact me / Lark today and I’ll give you a hand! It’s not my favourite social media network either (ahem, facebook) but it can definitely help you get some results in the search engines and there’s nothing more valuable than that!

-Lark Begin

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