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SEO can be frustrating and time-consuming at times and the strategy is often slow to take effect. These are some of the reasons why people look for alternatives to SEO or try to avoid the strategy entirely. Some business owners are also under the impression that SEO is a one-time service that they can stop once they reach the top of the search engine results pages. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t stop SEO at any point during your marketing campaign.

The Search Engine Landscape Changes Constantly 

Most people don’t realize that the search engine landscape changes at a constant pace. New trends are introduced, customer preferences change, new innovations and technologies are created, and other such factors have an impact on how and why people search products and services on the Internet. An SEO professional will keep track of these changes and upgrade your campaign accordingly. They’ll use different keywords, discuss different topics in blogs, and refine your strategy based on new information. If your campaign doesn’t adapt, you’ll fall behind and this will have a damaging impact on all of your marketing progress.

The Search Algorithm is Upgraded Often

People are often frustrated by the changes Google and other search engines make to the search algorithms because such upgrades can ruin SEO progress and rankings. If you want to stay on top of the search engine results pages, it’s important to keep up with the upgrades and alter the campaign to suit the changes. If you don’t update your website after upgrades, you will see your rankings change and possibly face sanctions from the search engine as well. Sanctions and penalties can be detrimental to your reputation and have a massive impact on your marketing so it’s important be aware and upgrade your SEO after algorithm changes.

The Traffic Will Slow Down and Rankings Will Eventually Drop

An upgrade in your SEO won’t show results immediately so it can take several weeks, if not months to see an improvement in rankings. Similarly, if you stop working on your SEO, you won’t notice any difference in the first few weeks or months. You’ll still receive regular traffic and enjoy high rankings in the search results. However, after a long period of inactivity and lack of SEO upgrades, the ranking will drop and the traffic will start to slow down. This is because search engines always want to provide the most current and relevant information to users. If your website doesn’t have an upgrade for a few months, the algorithm will assume that the information is out-of-date and give a higher ranking to more recent information. 

Competition Will Surge Ahead

While you stop working on your SEO, your competitors will still keep at it and eventually gain an edge over you. They will provide the most up-to-date information, target the right keywords, follow the right trends, and stay on top of the game.

As you can see, if you stop SEO, you’ll fall behind and eventually lose traction. It won’t be easy to get back to your previous position in the rankings, which is why it’s important to be consistent with SEO at all times.

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 why you shouldnt stop seo

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