How to Cut Your Time in Half When it Comes to Your Social Media Status Updates

When it comes to updating your status on social media and you have a small business, there are a few methods that you can use to make posting status updates much easier. Social media is something that you have to be active on daily, especially if you have a small business, in order to keep up with the never-ending stream of posts and tweets and comments and likes and shares and so on.

Word Document Pasting

One of the most pertinent and time-effective ways you can update your social media is for you to create your status in a word document or excel sheet, and then Copy/Paste it into your social media scheduler, then post it all at the same time.

Social Media Assistant

Another possible option is for you to hire another person to do your social media instead. Email them the status update concepts you want , and have them post it to all of your social media for you…for a modest fee, of course. This way, you can continue either promoting your business elsewhere while your social media needs are attended to by another.what to write in your social media status updates

Those are just a couple of methods you can use regarding the actual act of posting your status updates, but when it comes to the content of your updates, what kind of content will grab your readers attention?

Eye-Catching Phrases

In the body of your update (the content itself), it is always a good idea to use phrases that will catch readers’ eyes and make them want to read the whole thing or click on the link to go to the next step. If you use engaging and relevant phrasing, coupled with an overflow of simply sumptuous wise words, your status update will work so much better and will attract the attention of so many more than if you’d just used stereotypical writings.

Keep it Short and Utterly Sweet

Do not write such a long status update for your business that it pushes the maximum word limit for that respective social media site. Keep your status updates relatively short, but still try to get your point across with unique words and a unique writing style. Just because your update is short, does not mean it should be short on intelligence and industriousness.

So now you are aware of several pointers you can use when not only creating your status update, but posting it as well. If you need any help coming up with content ideas or managing your social media accounts let us know!

what to write for your social media status updates
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