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Whether you have been in the business world for quite some time or you are just starting up, Search Engine Optimization more commonly known as SEO will surely be a great asset to invest in.

Search Engine Optimization is the process constituting various techniques, strategies, and tactics that increase the website traffic, which is the number of visitors that are viewing your site. SEO helps to obtain a top-ranking placement in the search engines so that when people search a word relating to the title of your website; it appears on the top of the search engine. Some of the most common search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

Below we will talk about various reasons why SEO can help you increase your sales and overall viewership.

1.SEO Keeps You in the Game

seo in AbbotsfordPeople usually search for a particular good or service before buying it and they click on the links or websites that are at the top of the search engine results –the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO will definitely help to keep your business trending in the market and increase your overall viewership.

2. Long-Term Results

Though SEO can take up to six months to initiate and start working, its results are long-lasting. It stands the test of time and keeps you on the top priority of the SERP for years to come.

3. Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence Assistance Increases Website Traffic

How many times have you or someone you know called out Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant and asked it to show you the results of a particular topic? And how many times has it happened that Alexa displayed the results of the first page in the SERPs?

With increasing advancements in technology, more and more people are using their voices to search for a particular product or service and thus usually get information from the website at the top of the list. In this digital era, Enterprise SEO will help you maximize your organic website traffic.

4.  Less Expensive Than Other Marketing Methods

Not only is SEO cheaper in the long run but it can be used by anyone. Certain social media sites do provide search campaigns, but they can be quite expensive and require payments on a frequent basis. Whereas SEO requires an investment up front, and then management for several months. After that, your investment will start paying off by getting you more leads organically and for free for your business.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.