In this new age of increased technology and consumption, effective marketing strategies have become increasingly important to the survival of any brand. It has always been true that in order to succeed and thrive, a brand must make themselves well know and desirable; however, with overwhelming competition in nearly every faucet of every market today, a marketing campaign truly has the ability to make or brake an entire brand. With that said, many leading brands are now taking their marking game to the next level to stay ahead, by using Virtual Reality (or VR), to help increase their overall brand awareness and desirability.

What is VR Marketing?

But what is VR marketing and how does it increase awareness and virtual reality marketing ottawa seo company profit parrotdesirability? VR marketing is the action of using virtual reality (via VR headsets), to show and engage the customer, in a more immersive and expansive way than ever before, what your brand is all about, thus enhancing the overall experience of the user themselves. Additionally, in using VR as a large portion of video marketing, customers are able to have an interactive experience with and surrounding your brand. This then invokes within them actual feelings, as apposed to simply reading or watching about your brand in a magazine or on the TV. Furthermore, VR offers users the ability to experience a new and refreshing look at your brand and product, presenting them with the opportunity to connect with your brand like never before.

Top Brands Using VR Marketing

For example, NorthFace has recently made VR a large part of their video marketing campaign, using VR to allow users to experience some of the thrilling, extreme sports and adventures various buyers of the NorthFace brand enjoy, thus creating in them a desire to experience more, using their product. Then there are companies like Marriott Hotels, who use VR to allow users to virtually travel to all their different Marriott Hotel locations around the World and experience the high-end luxury for themselves, creating in them a desire to enjoy these accommodations in reality.

Or, consider Patron Tequila, who has created an entire VR marketing campaign that allows their customers to travel to where the liquor is made, experience the intricate crafting procedure and appreciate the attention and care that is put into every bottle — increasing appreciation and desire for the product itself.

Making virtual reality a large portion of your marketing strategy for 2016 will not only increase your overall brand recognition and desirability, it will also give you a leg up on the competition, as this is still a relatively new trend. Use VR to create product demonstrations, give inspirational experiences and create unique encounters that your customers would be unable to experience otherwise. Tell them a story, making them feel closer and connected to your brand, while simultaneously making your brand infinitely more difficult to forget.

In using VR as a large part of your marketing campaign and SEO strategy this year, the possibilities are nearly endless. So don’t wait, act today to become a leader in this technological age; take advantage of all the VR world has to offer your brand now.

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