How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Digital Marketing is a crucial for businesses hoping to increase brand visibility and custodigital marketing strategy business ottawa seo company profit parrotmer traffic, generate leads, improve conversions online, and thus, boost their revenue. Whether it’s a small retail store or a multinational company, digital marketing can be the strongest and most effective means to build authority and trust among the target audience.

This is not possible without creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy comprises of five components: Social Media, Email, Blogging, Video, and SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with customers is crucial for any business hoping to establish a customer base and build a loyal following. Millions of people regularly interact on social media platforms and the numbers are increasing daily. While traffic on social media websites continues to rise, it’s a great idea for businesses to display their products and services on the right platforms, which are commonly used by their target audience. Companies can design various promotional strategies that will attract social website users to buy their products.

However, before companies start to advertise on social media websites, it is essential to determine the branch of audience that they will be catering. Defining a target market is a fundamental requirement of Social Media Marketing (SMM). For example, a company with a more mature and business-oriented target market would want to use LinkedIn, instead of Facebook, to market their products.

Email Marketing

For decades, companies have used emails to market their products, and it has always worked. The reason for this is that sending emails is the fastest and most inexpensive way to reach out to thousands of people at once.

However, it is important that while writing emails to market products you must ensure that the emails are written and personalized for the target audience. Emails should always be focused on converting i.e. focused at transforming prospects into repeat customers. This is only possible when the whole email campaign is planned in advance and relevant A/B testing is performed to understand what converts well.


A blog is great for sharing thoughts and opinions, and can be used as a great marketing tool. They are a crucial for establishing your business as an authority. A blog will allow businesses to build an informal and friendly relationship with customers. Blogs can help businesses interact with a large online audience on a daily basis, sharing views, and getting better insight of each other’s perspectives. In this way, businesses can know what customers want, and thus, be in a better position to fulfill their requirements.

To create a blogging strategy, you must develop a content calendar and an editorial calendar. Research relevant topics and long-tail key phrases, and consistently create and publish informative, relevant, and helpful content.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another fantastic option for businesses to market their products. It is an effective marketing strategy as many people prefer watching videos over reading emails or blogs because videos are easier to consume, are entertaining and light. Videos can be a very powerful tool when it comes to relaying messages. If pictures speak louder than words, then videos can amplify that speech to a thousand times more, as videos are nothing but moving images.

However, before opting for video marketing, businesses should devise an effective video marketing strategy and aim to use converting keywords, titles, and images in their videos. Search engines have begun ranking video content, and provide users with video links as they browse. With the rise of content viewership on smartphones, video content is the way forward for higher customer engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With hundreds of new websites popping up every day, it is vital that businesses think about increasing visibility on the web, and standing out from the crowd. For this, they need to focus on creating keyword-rich content that will increase their search engine optimization, and generate larger traffic to their website. In addition, businesses need to focus on improving website ranking, and devise effective plans for doing so. SEO is a great way to help businesses improve their visibility on the web and get a higher ranking.

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