In 2016, it seems like everybody is moving from a 9-5 desk job to the world of entrepreneurship and personal marketing. While it is very easy to become caught up in the complexities of business marketing, it is quite easy to actually grow your business online.profit parrot ottawa seo company social media online business

Think of your business like a baby, you would do almost anything and everything to watch it grow. From nurturing it closely, to asking for advice when something seems wrong and going for weekly check-ups, the growth and health of your baby is determined by how much hard work and effort you put into it. Likewise, your business requires the same tender loving care and attention as your baby in order to grow and generate revenue. If you’re looking for ideas on how to grow your business, look no further than these three simple, yet effective pointers:

1) Plan and Set Goals  

While it may seem redundant as everyone thinks that planning is required for business regardless, we are referring to a level of planning that most business owners fail to attain. Planning is very vital and it does not only entail where, how and what you want your business to look like. It involves looking at the competition and determining how you are going to make your business stand out and how long; realistically, you need to get to that point. The problem with planning is that people write it down but forget to follow up and implement it in their business, which is where most people fail. Always go back to your plan checklist and see what you have done right and what you still need to do. The advantage of this is that in the process of doing so, you’ll be able to modify your plans so it is always evolving. To learn how to write a business plan for your online business – Click Here

2) Use Social Media

Yes we know it is the new crave that emerged right under our eyes and stole the show, but if it has been proven to be an effective marketing tool in growing businesses, then what are you waiting for? As a business, you need a social media platform where your target audience frequents, and more importantly you need to make sure that your social media page is not only reflective of your business brand, but it captures your target audience for example, a business based on socialization might thrive off a Facebook or YouTube page, while a more serious-toned business will be just fine with a LinkedIn page. It’s about knowing your target audience, and realizing what social platforms they frequent and setting your up.

3) Have Open Communication

This point cannot be stressed enough. Whether it is internally or externally, communicating ideas, goals and everything in between is the most important aspect of growing a business. Without communication, people are left without knowledge of the business and as such stagnation arises and then the business stalls. Whether it be communicating goals with employees, or external communication with your clients about services and products your company offers, communication needs to be done right and frequently to ensure that everyone can achieve the same goal. Growing your business online should be fun! Let us help you out.

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