Finding the best tools to help you find content for social media posts is the secret behind the success of many social media professionals. These tools can help you create a workflow that is organized and seamless. Identifying the best tools to help you out allows you to automate, optimize and succeed with social media marketing in a very efficient way.

Here are some of the best tools to use to find content for your social media marketing:tools for finding social media content ottawa seo company social media manager


BuzzSumo lets you research keywords to check out some of the most viral content people are sharing. You can type in your idea for content and check out the results that are displayed. Knowing what the popular content is around the web, will give you a better chance of getting more shares and engagement with your social media marketing campaign.

Through BuzzSumo, you will also see those who are posting about the topic, track how others are taking advantage of social media and view your competition. This tool will also help you find out where the top influencers are hanging out. Through a little bit of research, you can promote and share your content the same way that the influencers do.


This tool will provide you with current content specific to your needs. The iOS application or the personalized website will show you blog posts, videos, articles and social updates based on your chosen interests. The results it provides are based on what you read and engage with over time. If you want to find out what is going on in your niche, this tool will definitely help you.

The Portent

Sometimes you need help on getting started with your social media marketing or for writing your status updates. The best tool, that is very helpful for this purpose, is the Portent. As compared to other tools, Portent will not help you find content directly, instead it will help you create a working title where you can build content around. You can type in any keyword and it will provide some topics to help you come up with content to write about.

Content Gems

The tool will help you find great content to share with your social media followers. Content Gems reviews thousands of news sources, social media accounts, and blogs to bring you the very best via your email. You can set your preferences to receive relevant content related to your niche and target audience. You can create your free account and make a custom dashboard about the topics you are interested in getting notified about.

Through Content Gems, you can add variety to your social media content and find unique information that you cannot find easily elsewhere.

If you want your articles and social media updates to spread like wildfire – the secret is to create original and informative content. Finding the best ways to grab fresh content will help you get noticed in the many different social media platforms.

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The Best Tools for Finding Content for Social Media Marketing

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