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Social media is considered as the most powerful tool that you can use to promote your products andworst advice social media marketing ottawa seo company profit parrot reach larger audiences. Based on a Social Media Examiner Report, 80% of Americans use a social media network. This is quite high and it only shows how beneficial social media can be for your business.

Together with this enormous increase in the use of social media, the so-called experts are also increasing. These so-called experts are giving advice about social media pretending that they know everything about it but in reality their knowledge is limited. If you have been using social media for your business but you are not seeing the results that you expected to have, it looks like you are a victim of a bad advice. Don’t be fooled by this bad information. Here are some of the worst things that you might hear about social media.

1) Creating Accounts on All Social Media Networks

Don’t waste your time and effort creating an account on each social media network you find online. Instead, research and know more about the type of audience each social network covers, so you can determine where you should focus your time and efforts. You need to fish where the fish are! If your target market is not there, then don’t waste your time. For starters, you can begin with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They have huge audiences that cover many industries.

2) Social Media Replaces SEO

Social media is much different from SEO, particularly when it comes to function and strategy. Actually, these are two completely different marketing tools that, if you use together, will provide you with unstoppable results. SEO can draw more people to your social profiles and posts. With social media marketing, what you post now can help you improve your search rankings later. Keep this in mind, social media is an additional channel, it does not replaces SEO.

3) React to Every Negative Comment

Do not waste your time reacting to all the negative comments you may receive. Choose the one, which you think, needs some attention. There are some people who are trying to capitalize on your visibility and there are some who only want to cause trouble.

4) Post Only Messages About Your Company

If you only post messages about your company’s achievements, sales, upcoming events, and your latest product, people might skip your post or even be turned off by it. People are using social media to find a solution to their problems and to learn more about something that interests them. You need to write and post something that will help people and give them a reason to follow and connect with you.

The above tips are only some of the worst advice that our team has encountered. If you need any help with your social media marketing, our Ottawa SEO services can help! Contact us and we’ll walk through how we can make your social media campaign shine.

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