Writing a blog can prove to be extremely helpful for businesses. Research suggests that B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. However, writing a blog requires time and efforts, and if no one reads the blog post, that time and effort is naturally wasted. So, how can blogs be made to appear more appealing to a wider audience? Here is a 3 point check list, which companies can ensure that their blogs are read extensively and liked equally.

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A Great Blog Should:

1)    Be Relevant and Offer Quality Content

In order to make the reader interested in the blog post, companies should focus on creating content that is informative and precise. In many cases, the quality of a blog post is measured on how informative it is, and how much it sticks to the subject matter. For this, it is important that companies should find out what their readers want to know, and provide them with content that to their interest, otherwise, they may just skim through the blog, and not be interested in reading them.

It is important that all blog posts should be aimed at helping the customers solve their problems. If businesses focus their blogs to be written from a reader’s point of view, the readers will be able to relate to them better, and find them more engaging. If readers feel that companies understand and relate to their problems, it will increase the likelihood of them becoming potential customers.

2)    Have Great Titles and Headlines

Titles are the first thing a reader sees in any blog; therefore, a title should be very captivating. Businesses should focus on having a catchy title that will immediately grab the attention of customers, and will compel them to read further.

Compare these two titles: “Advice on Blog Writing” and “The Best Kept Secrets of Improving Your Blogging Skills”. Which is better? Which blog will a reader prefer to read? of course, the latter.

Having headlines can also enhance the quality of a blog post. It can make the readers break down vast streams of information into portions and understand the overall idea of the blog in a better way. Drafting headlines can also help the writers in staying focused and not being swayed away from the main idea.

3)    Be Easy to Read

Cramming too much information together in a blog, will the turn readers away from it. Therefore companies should make sure that they make their content visually appealing to readers, and potential customers. Captivating images, bullet points, and sub headings can all help in making blogs attractive.

Grammatical errors and wrong punctuation can make a blog, no matter how good, turn into a complete failure. No one wants to read substandard content. Grammatical errors will automatically make the readers question the credibility of the writer. Companies should also make their blogs, friendly conversational and polite, in order to compel readers towards them.

Writing blog posts can be simple, and companies can easily make their blogs more appealing by following these few simple tips. If you need help writing your content, contact one of our professional writers today. 

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