Is it Possible to Promote Your Blog for Free?

If you have launched a new blog, you may be struggling for promotion and to build that initial audience. Did you know, however, you can easily promote your blog for free? It is possible! To help, we have shared 5 simple ways to do this that anyone can complete without technical knowledge or skills – enjoy!

1. Promote through social media platforms like Facebook

Social media is one of the most effective methods of blog promotion. Through your social media platforms, you can reach potentially millions of people – that traffic could be directed to your blog! Firstly, consider including blog links in your social media profiles. Most platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to create a business profile where you can place important information.

Also, consider creating promotional social media posts, and linking your blog posts to relevant social media content. Your social media posts should also contain your logo, and associating imagery that is present in the blog for consistency – you can use free tools like Logocreator to do this.

2. Create backlinks to your blog on your website

Your website is an important source of blog promotion. The website is obviously the place where your blog is stored. However, it will also have a host of other content – product pages, contact page, an about page, and homepage, for example.

There is no reason why you cannot post links to your blog on these other pages. Just ensure that the links are natural and within the context of the page content! For example, with product pages, you could show related blog posts that relate to the products. It’s a simple form of cross-promotion. 

3. Include blog details and posts in your email newsletters

Most businesses or blogs will have a dedicated email address and mailbox. You will also most likely send newsletters to subscribed customers with product updates and business news etc. Email newsletters are the perfect place to include blog promotion. A section of the email could be dedicated to new blog entries and contain a link to your most recent or popular posts.

Also, you should have an email signature that is attached to any email you send – whether this be a reply or a new email. Consider including your blog link within your email signature too.

4. Submit your blog to free blog directories

You can find a large variety of blog directories – many of these websites allow you to submit your blog for free! It can be a steady source of traffic and can also serve as high-ranking backlinks. This site here has a list of different free blog directories available together with some important instructions on how to use these sites. For 30 minutes of work, you could submit your blog to multiple directories and create a solid selection of backlinks.

5. Write comments with backlinks on other relevant blogs

Finally, a simple practice to create backlinks and generate interest in your blog, is to comment on other blogs! Most blogs have a comment section where users can leave feedback and engage in discussions. Oftentimes, you can also enter a website or include links in your comment. This is a simple and easy way to gain promotion. The key, however, is to ensure your comments give actual value to the other blog, and that they are not simply spam.

As you can see, blog promotion is quite easy! There are a number of ways you can promote your blog for free, and increase exposure to your business. Most of the above techniques take no time at all, and are techniques that you can use repeatedly – like promotion via social media.

Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.