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When you put content out on the internet, it could easily get buried under a pile of other content. Picture this, over 4 million blog posts were published every day in 2019 and that’s just a piece of the published content pie. This year, the number is definitely going to be much higher.

Let’s face it, a good blog does not guarantee good ranking in a search engine results page. Meaning, no matter how awesome your content is, people may still not be able to find it when they type your topic or niche in Google.

This is the reason why SEO (search engine optimization) has played a huge part in making business websites reach their target audience, drive traffic, and get leads.

And beyond SEO, there is that thing called backlinks. Or the system that allows your web pages to be mentioned on another page, leading a reader to your site once clicked, giving you some sense of credibility out there.

It’s like someone using your content as a trustworthy reference, like a vote of confidence. And in the sea of published content that’s out there, this gives you an advantage.

Not all backlinks are created equally

ottawa seo company quality backlinksThere’s such a thing as quality backlinks. These are backlinks to your page that come from known and trusted websites. These high domain authority websites are trusted by search engines and searchers alike and a backlink from them is like getting an influential endorser for your product.

How to know if a website is such? You can use an online tool to know whether a site is of the high domain authority kind. A metric of 40-50 is good, above it is great.

If you sell health-related products and your marketing content gets mentioned in, say,, people who trust that site will be highly likely to trust you as well. Because they know that it isn’t a paid ad or a hard sell. It is something valuable enough to be mentioned by a reliable site making it worth giving their attention to.

And so they click, get led to your website, read about what you have to say, get to know you, and likely stay on a bit longer to see what you have to offer that gives value to them.

The beauty of a quality backlink is getting high commitment traffic. These are people who already have an interest in the topic you’re talking about. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have clicked on the backlink in the first place.

 SEO and quality backlinks. An ideal pair.

Optimizing your content with the right keywords, and then boosting it further by getting quality backlinks gives you a fighting chance to rank high on search engine results.

Also called off-page SEO, getting quality backlinks reinforces your optimization efforts. Since Google puts weight on quality backlinks to a site, your content benefits a lot from it. Google algorithm, at least the current one, makes quality backlinks impact your ranking and online presence.

While getting quality backlinks can be a challenge as it requires you to put in effort to get connected with high domain authority websites, its gains can be phenomenal.

And there are some techniques to do it. You can include reliable and visually appealing infographics in your content and email publishers to inform them that they can share or use it through a backlink to your site. You can also do guest blogging. Another is through good old content marketing. The organic traffic you can get from these can take your website places.

And when this happens, your business gets a boost. Making it all worth it.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.