Some more search engine optimization tips for your WordPress website. (Even if you don’t have a WordPress site, these tips can still be used but at your own discretion, some things will not work the same way on another web template)

top wordpress plugins for seo Search-64 ottawa seo companyHere are some more ways to help in your search engine ranking of your site and improve your SERP clicks.  There are ways to make your site a better experience in the search engine for your viewers. These tips consist of mainly ways to optimize  your meta titles and descriptions.

Some website themes have meta tags, descriptions and keywords built into their templates to make it easier for your site to be found in the search engines. If you are looking for an SEO friendly theme then type in the keywords ‘SEO friendly’ into the theme options section and you will find hundreds of themes that fit into this category. If you are not sure if your site has built in meta tags and keywords then you can install the All in One SEO plugin. If you do not wish to use a plugin you can choose to enter the meta tags, descriptions and keywords manually but this is for the more advanced WordPress user.

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Another great tip to help with your client user experience is to add your phone number to the meta description of your homepage. If someone is searching from a mobile device your number will be hyperlinked and your user will be able to click on the phone number listed and call you right away or save you as a contact.

Pages: Make sure that every page on your website has a meta description. Do not stuff this description with keywords. Each description should be unique and based on what’s posted and what the page is related to. Give a good summary of what is on that page because that is what your visitors will see when they do a search, make sure it is relevant.

top plugins for wordpress seo, Wordpress-Plugins-128 ottawa seo companyThemes: Most WordPress themes work really well but some can actually hurt your SEO sites. Go into the forums or do a search for your theme to see if there are any negative comments about that theme and don’t take the risk. There could be bad theme coding, incorrect spelling of code, hidden links within the code or external sites listed. Using a bad theme could cause your site not to rank at all. If you are not sure which theme to choose and are worried about using bad themes then don’t be afraid to pay for a professional theme. The Thesis theme, Genesis or Studio Press themes are very highly ranked and widely used.

If your site is still not ranking then perhaps you should check google webmaster tools and go through your search appearances section. You might need to tweak something in the html improvements section or double check your crawl errors. There are more posts related to SEO and Ranking here.

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