Bulk SMS Marketing Statistics 2021

Bulk SMS marketing is still gold for those businesses that want to approach their customers in a better way. Because every person has a cell phone with them to communicate with their families, friends and relatives. The communication between them can be through any of the media whether that is SMS, voice call and the applications like Whatsapp.  

However, the bulk SMS can help the customers in many ways, for tracking any order, receiving beneficial information, and communicating with corporates for multiple purposes. This has made almost everything easy for both the customers and the businesses.  

For the businesses, all these platforms have opened new doors to give their services to customer’s hands.  

We all are well aware that we have come to the next level of the digital world. As the technology is curving day by day SMS is kind of old in the age of emails in terms of statistics SMS has its place. When you go deeply into it SMS stands equal to emails but in some cases, it has left platforms like email behind.  

This article will help you to know about new SMS statistics.

You Must know

If you are a business therefore you must know that there are around 8.9 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. This makes every single business think!

With this, the businesses will meet almost every potential customer of it. SMS is one of the ways that shows you the direction to your destination, you should shake hands.  

23 Billion Text SMS Every Day

As per the study, around 23 billion text messages are sent per day. So, there is no doubt to meet thousands of your targeted audience. 

This allows you to send thousands of SMS instantly and the businesses can automate these SMS based on user’s activities on your platform.  

Highest Open Rate

Compared to other multimedia platforms the SMS has the highest open rate which is about 98%. So, this would not let your message to ignore, if one does so the phone subscriber will open it later on. If you see SMS marketing this does not let your information through in the trash. 

What the SMS Marketing States 

  • As per the study 75%, people will not mind receiving SMS
  • Most of the people shop as they are informed for the product 
  • SMS response rate is higher than phone calls and email marketing
  • Around 48.7 billion people will opt to receive business SMS
  • However, 39 consumers use their mobile phones excessively country wise. 

When you are getting so much more with only a single service, why should you go with other mediums that do not ensure successful delivery. 

5 Billion Population will be Engaged in Sending and Receiving SMS 

As all do not have internet access this clearly shows that the people will engage with SMS services to communicate. This number will grow at a good speed in the coming years. 

Spam Rate Less Than Email

Less and less SMS gets dumped compared to other hands the spam rate of email is 50%. In such cases, the businesses have to use white label email services because when the smartphone users open them they move them to trash or end up in the spam folder. 

As we have said above, there is less rate for SMS, which lets businesses send messages to thousands of people. Having no burden as other platforms have.  

The Bulk SMS Campaign is faster than email Campaign

Competition is very high in the market, whatever business you are, however, you can not ignore even one of them. You have to go with both platforms, whether it is SMS service or email. Your company is going to face an edge over competition in the market.  

In the end, we would ask you to choose the best Bulk SMS Service in Mumbai and that is SMS marketing. However, SMS marketing is still gold for every business to inform potential customers about various services and products. There are thousands of companies you will face as your competitor. Therefore, you must be choosing both platforms, this will take you with other competitors in the market. 

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