the difference between boosted posts and facebook ads

Unlike ads, boosted posts are regular posts you would publish on your timeline. The difference between a regular facebook ad and a boosted post is that the latter has money applied to it. The money attached to a boosted post allows you to put it in front of your desired audience and have it pushed more than regular posts.

Boosted posts do appear as ads on Facebook users’ timelines.

What is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are created and put together using Ads Manager. The service allows you to make more customizations to your ads and view your analytics. If you want to change something about the ad while it’s still running, you can pop into Ads Manager and make the changes easily.

The Difference

Facebook ads can help with conversions and clicks. Whether you have an app, online store, or video, ads can help promote them.

Boosted posts focus more on Facebook analytics, including likes, shares, comments, and brand awareness. These posts are best for gaining traction on Facebook alone.

When to Use Them

Now that you know what they are and how they function, it’s time to figure out when to use them. First, you must assess your business’s goals. What kind of growth are you looking to achieve? How much and how fast do you want to obtain this growth? Those are two defining questions that will lead you to your next steps.

difference between a facebook ad and a facebook boost

Boosted Posts

If you are looking to grow on just the Facebook Platform, boosted posts would work best for you. It is amplest to take a post that already performed well organically and then boost it. Facebook will walk you through an easy three-step process that will have you in front of a new audience in no time.

difference between facebook boost and ads

Place an Ad

If you are looking to lead people back to a product you offer off of the Facebook platform, placing an ad is a suitable option. You can add a button that will lead Facebook users to your product using a URL.

No matter what your business marketing goals are, Facebook is one of the best platforms to help you achieve them. All of the customizable options that Ad Manager offers sets it apart from similar services. Facebook gains new users daily; for this reason, it is always an open market.

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Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.