content marketing tips for beginners ottawa seo company profit parrot marketingOne of the easiest and best ways to generate followers and a tribe of fans is to get involved with content marketing. A website with great content has a brighter future even without any social media or SEO promotion. However, the combination of internet marketing and top quality content will generate better and faster results. Here are 3 helpful content marketing tips for beginners:

Tip # 1 Publish Content on Fixed Dates and Times

Never push yourself too much when it comes to creating content to market online. As a beginner, promising a new blog post every day is not a good idea. Choose a schedule that you think will work for you and then test it out. If you think it is not working, try something else. Keep in mind, this is your content – you can decide when it gets published.

Schedule your content. Publish it on fixed dates and times. Creating a publishing calendar will help you organize your time and work better. This can also help you build a list of followers.

Tip # 2 Create Original and Better Content

Using other content creators work as an inspiration and for reference is fine. But copying their content is unacceptable. Publish better content as compared to your competitors. You need to stand out and be remembered. Keep that in mind.

Before you start working with your content, check out Google, Twitter Facebook and other social media sites and see what type of content others are creating in your niche. Observe how they work, the quality, format and length and try to make your content better in all aspects. Poor content will not generate the target market that you expect to have. Spend more time in researching and creating your content. Keep in mind, you are competing with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Tip #3 – Focus on a Specific Niche

Look for a niche, a market that you are knowledgeable and confident about and focus on it. You might not succeed at first but don’t get frustrated, you will find the right niche that works for you eventually. Work on one specific topic at a time, and become an expert on it. Create content that makes your target audience think that you are an authority on it. Make sure that it answers questions your prospects and customers ask. Remember the most important principle of content marketing is to answer your prospects questions and be helpful.

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