pros and cons of Hiring an SEO Company

Why do I Need an SEO Company?

SEO companies are very important when you want to expand your traffic through the search engines, and overall expand your whole business, leading to more customer interest and mainly more sales!

From improvements to the web interface, to expanding your conversation rates, hiring an SEO company will save you huge amounts of time while boosting your online footfall and customer sales and satisfaction.

Profit Parrot for example not only produces great SEO rankings, but they also take care of your social media management, content writing, and website design. Therefore managing to boost their customer’s business massively, in some cases possibly even doubled!

Each individual company has its own strengths, but the main aim is very similar, to help your business thrive! 

The Positives of Hiring an SEO Company

  • Creating more traffic through search engines:81% of internet users aged 16 to 64 searched online for a product or service to buy”, raising your site’s pages through search engines can bring unimaginable results!
  • Attracting customers actively looking for your product: No more cold calling or spam emails, your business can be found by customers that are actually searching for what you do, more inbound leads mean more sales! There are plenty of customers out there waiting just waiting to stumble across your store.
  • Keeping your online presence ahead of the market: Nowadays online businesses are thriving, being ahead of the market online will massively boost your traffic and help you secure a larger portion of your market share.
  • Can help reduce advertising costs: Increasing your traffic through search engines may provide a bigger boost than any advertising campaign you have created, in turn helping with your business overall long term cost management.  

The Slight Negatives

pros and cons of Hiring an SEO CompanyThe main “negative” of hiring an SEO company is the cost, like all good and helpful services. But this is very quickly outweighed by the staggering profits made possible by SEO marketing.

You may only start seeing results 6 months later, this means outbound advertisements may provide better short term revenue, but once they are creating custom, the SEO results will provide more solid leads.

Staying Caught Up

The constant swift changing advertisement world means it’s hard to keep up to date with newer marketing techniques, having an SEO company on your side gives you the chance to learn with a partner while the necessary changes to keep your business booming are being made, is crucial to many successful establishments.

Your company should start seeing impressive results within 6 months from starting, but obviously, this varies from site to site and their past online footprint.

What we Have Learned

SEO companies in Ottawa and surrounding areas can prove to be and have already been a massive part of substantial growths in more recent times, proving their ability to push amazing products into the position they need to be in to make the earnings that they deserve. Creating a good online profile to back an already outstanding product, creates an entire look of professionalism and feel of outstanding quality, right from the first moment they catch a peek of your business online.

There are plenty of different options out there, when will you boost your business with the help from an SEO company? Contact us for a Free site audit today.

Lark Begin is a digital marketer from Ottawa, Canada. Lark is an SEO Master, PPC expert and content writer. She helps many small businesses get ranked on Google each day.