Social media is one of the fastest growing and least expensive marketing strategies available today. Setting up a Facebook account for your business lets people from all walks of life view you and your business in a less evasive arena. You ultimately want to direct people/traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your services or products. The recipe seems simple – The more followers, the more customers. Let’s break this down with 5 Facebook marketing tips for beginners.

1 Be Real

Use real photos of yourself and/or your products and services. People can spot a fake quickly and will just as quickly skip over your page. You want to connect with people. If you are targeting a specific age or profession, use items geared toward those individuals or companies. Share personal information, not too much, but about your background or experience. This will make you more real to your readers. Be sure to include a link to your website :)!

2 Be Visual

In our fast paced world, most people will not take the time to read a long post. However, eye-catching images, graphics, or videos will have them stopping to take a look. Use variety and make everything colourful and interesting. Even statistics, graphs and charts can be appealing with a little touch-up.

3 Be Anything but Boring

You don’t have to just post about your business. Add quotes from famous people or humorous lines from someone in your niche. Add tidbits of blogs, articles, and stories from your website inviting readers to go to your site to read the rest. Again remember the population that you are targeting and post accordingly.

4 Be and Stay Current

Post at least every day and it is alright to post two or three times a day, on occasion, but don’t overdo it. Staying current and being receptive to messages will show readers that you are on top of things. Many businesses are hiring someone just to keep up their social media sites. We can help you with this too!

5 Be Giving

Offer give away items for reaching milestones in number of followers. These items should be your products or services, of course. This will also give you an idea of which products are popular. Post a daily deal on Facebook so followers and new readers will want to visit your post daily. Link this to your website.

So, gather up your best photos. Write a glowing, but realistic, profile. Create graphics with content and visual appeal. Plan out a schedule and have several posts ready. Make a list of giveaway items and deals that you can use. Ready, Set, Go!

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