Afraid to Tweet?

Twitter-creatures-256 ottawa seo companySome people might be afraid to use Twitter as part of their marketing plan is because they’re afraid it might be too time consuming. Using Twitter does not need to be time consuming. If you Tweet the right way then you could be in and out of Twitter for less than 5 minutes a day and see great results.

How often to Tweet: Depending on your industry and your competition, at least 3 times weekly is a great start.

Building a following: If you are trying to build a following this will take time. If you don’t know the rules about following too many people on Twitter then check out our recent post How to Get More Followers on Twitter for Free Part 1.

It’s still possible to build a loyal following in a short amount of time. You will just need to use the right process. Start Locally. Follow key players and professionals in your area. If you follow people that have lots of followers then you are more likely to have people follow you back. Like us —>

Keywords: Do some searches on keywords in your industry and locally. Sometimes you will be able to answer someones question, this could be very helpful – especially if that person has a big following. Take your time each day going through trending topics related to your industry.

Share unique content. Don’t post the same blog post more than twice weekly. Share and engage entertaining and useful information. The rule is 25% salesy messages and the other 75% should be helpful content. As time goes on, you will see what engages other users and be able to tweak your updates to what your followers want to see.

Don’t forget to retweet: Don’t keep promoting your own content, if you see something from another user that you like – retweet it. Perhaps they will do the same and all of their followers will see your content too.

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard

If you are managing multiple twitter accounts then check out HootSuite or TweetDeck. These tools allow you to manage your user accounts easily.

Ask questions: Ask questions related to your niche. Others will gladly answer them and maybe you could get a conversation going. If others see that you are an engaging Twitter user then they will be more likely to follow you.

Reply back: If someone sends you a message or retweets your content, reply back to them or thank them for retweeting the tweet.

Overall, have some fun with Twitter, it’s not meant to be a cookie cutter way to generate leads and sales. It’s a way to build your brand, grow a following and spread the word about your businesses and services.

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