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What is a PPC Campaign?

A PPC campaign is a type of digital advertising campaign where the advertiser pays a fee every time someone clicks on an ad they’ve created.

This is where the acronym PPC comes from, it means “Pay per Click”.

How is a PPC Campaign Used?

It’s used as a way to drive traffic to a site as opposed to that traffic being organic (in other words, not paid for). PPC is used in search engine based advertising where the top search results display an “Ad” symbol below the header to indicate that an advertiser has placed a bid to promote their site to the top of the results.

Every time an ad like this is clicked and sends traffic to a website, the advertiser must pay the search engine provider for their ad space.

pay per click ppc marketing ottawaWhen pay-per-click is working effectively and efficiently, the fee is only a minor one because the traffic is easily worth a lot more than how much the fee costs. This results in a great ROI for the advertiser and as the title of this article suggests, this is one of the reasons Why You Need a PPC Campaign For Your Small Business.

Are There any More Benefits to Running a PPC Campaign?

Yes, another great benefit to running a PPC campaign is that a search engine provider like Google actually prefers and rewards advertisers who are able to curate interesting, strategically targeted PPC campaigns by making them pay less for clicks to their site. All of this results in more revenue and cheaper traffic for your small business. If PPC sounds like a beneficial and worthwhile type of advertising campaign for your business, it’s vital to know the ins and outs of running one correctly.

How Do I Run A PPC Campaign Correctly?

There are many factors to consider and manage to run a good campaign and make it worth your time and financial investments.

Here are a few key aspects of PPC campaigns ;

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Relevance
  • An Optimized Landing Page
  • Google’s “Quality Score” (and making sure it’s in good standing)

If you run a small business, you should definitely consider running a PPC campaign as it can be a very effective and cost efficient way to drive more traffic to your site. With that traffic, you can increase revenue and reach more customers and clients.

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