You are looking for a new, or first, marketing advisor in Calgary.  You need someone with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience who can improve your website and drive more hits to your business.  You want a social media presence but don’t know where to begin or don’t have time to manage it.

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Turn to Profit Parrot for Calgary SEO

We are a top contender in Calgary and surrounding areas as one of the outstanding SEO companies in Calgary available today.  We have built our reputation on certain standards:

  • Every project receives careful oversight to give you the best possible result.
  • We don’t promise what we can’t deliver.
  • Our staff is small but efficient in order to provide the attention your company and its needs require.
  • Affordable prices which are competitive in the industry.

Profit Parrot has the experience to offer your company the best perspective on the use of digital marketing to improve your bottom line.  We offer you content writers; SEO, social media and marketing professionals, as well as access to the latest tools.

When you hire Profit Parrot you will work collaboratively with our professionals to help you succeed in your industry or service.  We genuinely want you to succeed.  We have a tight-knit staff that understands that you have specific goals, and we monitor our progress.  Our monthly reports detail exactly how your fees are allocated.

Our expertise is in understanding your target market and how to reach them effectively.  We stay on top of trends and how they apply to marketing techniques.  Our workforce is able to adapt to your needs and apply them to promote your operation on the specific platforms that will help you thrive.

calgary seo company


Social media can become confusing.  It is a powerful tool that can help you interact with your customers and potential consumers.  However, not all social media accounts are appropriate for all businesses.  We can help you choose the best options and then measure their effectiveness.  We can adjust our methods to give you the best benefit in your field and still respect the strategy you have chosen to pursue.

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There are a number of advantages to social media exposure.  An effective promotion will give you better brand recognition, higher traffic, and better SEO rankings.  Then it is up to you to capitalize on those leads to convert more sales.  With higher sales, your reputation and income should increase, providing you with the growth you are seeking.ottawa seo company optimization auditCareful use of internet presence can enhance your reputation in the community.  Knowing how to accomplish this is one of our talents.  We are able to work directly with you or select members of your company to develop the correct approach that will provide you the best promotion.  In addition, our reports will let you see each campaign’s effectiveness.  We are open to your suggestions and ideas.

Profit Parrot | an all seo company in Calgary maintains a low overhead that allows us to offer the best rates around.  In fact we are currently offering a 10% discount to new clients who contract with us within the next few weeks.  Contact us at (613) 706-0057 to discuss the options available and to set up a consultation for further conversations.

Let us Audit Your Site for Free so we can see what we’re working with.



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5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-m

We are very busy thx to you. We have more or less doubled our business from last year.  Thanks so much. – Scott B.  (Search Engine Optimization)

5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-m

Lark did a fantastic job, she was very aware of what I was looking for. She was very easy to communicate with as well, I would highly recommend Lark for any kind of Marketing. L.O

5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-mWhen we were looking for a marketing firm we knew we were making a decision that could affect our business endeavors for years to come. After an exhaustive search we found Profit Parrot and not only has Lark and her team met our expectations, they have exceeded them.

Profit Parrot tailored a comprehensive range of services specific to our diverse business needs in the most efficient and effective manner. From response times to face time, we always receive the attention and advice we require when we require it. Lark’s team is always professional, courteous and pleasant to work with. Our initial goal was to have Profit Parrot manage our company branding but have expanded it to include Digital marketing, Search Engine optimization and other ad hoc services.

I would highly recommend Lark and her team at Profit Parrot to any of my colleagues but more importantly to any friends and family who are looking for a Marketing firm you can trust, who is highly motivated and knowledgeable and most importantly who you can rely on to have your best interest in mind always! – J.B (Search Engine Optimization)

5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-mThank you for all your hard work we are very pleased with your services 🙂 – Alison. (Search Engine Optimization)

5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-mVery professional and experienced! Great with deadlines and communication. Anthony P. (Search Engine Optimization)

5-star-positive reviews online ottawa seo company experts social media managers-mThank you for all the awesome work you’ve been doing! It really is getting a lot of attention and you’re rocking it.  Ben T.