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Looking into hiring a local search company? As a business, whether you’re big or small, local SEO results benefit the scheme of things. It will make your business better known in the area and draw in potential clients. More clients equal better business growth and success. Running a business is challenging and consumes a lot of time and resources. Setting up, optimizing, and maintaining local search marketing is time-consuming as well, but this is where a local search company can become one of your best tools.

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Expert Local Search Services 

1) Research and Analyze Your Website

  • How well does your website perform?
  • How well do your competitor’s websites work?
  • What keywords does your target audience use?
  • What are reasonable results to expect within your SEO budget?

2) Optimize Your Website

  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Clean up content to make it more SEO user-friendly.
  • Do you talk about your services and value-adds using the right language?
  • Optimize pages for the proper keywords and themes.

3) Off-Page SEO

    • Is your website earning links and mentions around the web?
    • Does your server configuration work properly?
    • How fast is your website?
    • Is your website secure and provides a good UX?
local search company seo

Top Reasons Our Local Search 
Company Will Benefit You

 SEO Expertise

Profit Parrot Marketing and SEO stands out for its profound understanding of SEO strategies, meticulously tailored to suit each business’s distinctive requirements.

Tailored Solutions

What sets Profit Parrot apart is our commitment to crafting personalized services that align precisely with the unique needs of each client.

Client Satisfaction

Our effectiveness and professional demeanor are resoundingly confirmed by the wide range of accolades and testimonials from our diverse clientele.

 Local SEO Solutions

Empower your business with our hands-free SEO services. Let our expert team take the reins, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths while we bolster your online visibility and stimulate growth.

Drive More Traffic

Partner with our SEO team to fine-tune your website for higher search engine rankings, resulting in a surge of organic traffic. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Local Business Enhancement

Local SEO plays a pivotal role in attracting nearby customers, which is particularly crucial for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to expand their local presence.

Top Rated SEO Services

Maintaining clear and frequent communication and updates

  • How often will you get SEO reports?
  • What is included in SEO reports?
  • What are your agreed-upon campaign goals?
  • How is your SEO company regularly keeping up to date with business changes?

Providing quality content creation

  • Are there content opportunities for your site?
  • What style of content works best for your target market?
  • Ensuring content is SEO-friendly.
  • Does the website content contain strong calls to action?

Experiment and test

  • How can data be used to make decisions?
  • What areas of the site can we A/B test?
  • What key power phrases drive visitors to take action?
  • What/where are areas of opportunity?

These key features are a broad overview of what many local SEO companies do, and as you search for the right company for you, these can be guidelines for questions for candidate companies you are looking at and to ask frequently throughout the business contract.

If you own a small business with an online representation, digital marketing and reputation management on the web becomes highly necessary. You’d want people to know about your business and maintain your reputation. This is where the importance of local SEO comes in.


Hear it from Our Local Search Customers

Alice Barton
Alice Barton
This team is great. They have always been able to answer any questions that I had quickly, I continue to work with them on my monthly SEO work. I’m happy so far. really Good!!!
Sebastian Cross
Sebastian Cross
Fantastic experience. A very competent SEO and extremely professional working style. Highly recommend.
Ryan Sykes
Ryan Sykes
Very quick turnaround, excellent writing abilities and great writing style. The articles were well-researched, well-organized and ready to use.
Brandon Page
Brandon Page
Phenomenal work. Put my client in a very competitive field to the second page of Google search results. Would definitely use again.
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Farrell
Quick to respond and good quality of work. Recommend :)
Fraser Munnoch
Fraser Munnoch
Some good results from a team that know what they are doing, thanks again.
Ethan Patterson
Ethan Patterson
I’ve been scammed by SEO agencies before so I was hesitant to start with a new company. Lark and JM were able to quickly get me the results I was finally looking for. I’m now on page 1 for several key terms and my traffic has increased. I’m very glad I found them!
Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark
A pleasure to work with!
Joseph Holmes
Joseph Holmes
They were able to secure high authority links for a project that was successfully delivered, well-written articles and delivery was on time. Really happy with the work.
George Moore
George Moore
They went above and beyond on every level. Not only did they update me on the progress of the work but was available anytime I had a question. I would highly recommend Lark and her team to anyone looking for quality work. This is my second time working with Lark and JM and I am equally as happy this go around as I was the first time.

Why Hire Our Local Search Company? 

The benefits you’ll reap from utilizing local search marketing services are numerous compared to hiring one that is not local or within the same time zone. A professional organic SEO company will provide better results in a more reasonable timeframe.

They Know the Area Best

A local search company will know the area better than a company or professional from another city or state. Their knowledge of the area’s demographics, commerce, and trends will be more zoned in and a huge benefit for your business so you can make your business better known within your area and target the ideal consumer group more effectively.

Their knowledge of the locale and trends will help guide your business to consumers more proactively, helping to improve and increase conversion rates.

Easier to Work With

There’s nothing more frustrating than conflicting schedules and long commutes when it comes to important aspects of a business. This conflict is eliminated with a local SEO company.

Working with a local search company will make meetings and contact with your marketing team easier to work with. If you need to call and discuss the details of a  project or have a meeting, it will be far easier to do so if you can meet up quickly. This saves you time and money traveling or trying to line up different time zones for the best phone call and video meetings.

A Local Team is More Cost-Efficient

local search companyWorking with a local SEO specialist is more cost-efficient since they already know everything about the area and will not need to do any research in order to provide optimal results- whereas a non-local company will need to spend time researching the area before moving forward, costing you time and money.

You could create your own in-house SEO team, but the main potential drawback is that you are paying for uncertain results. You will also have to buy all the tools for the team to work and optimize results- increasing your spending for potentially little to no success.

By hiring a local company, you’re paying for the bundle: tools, manpower, knowledge, and expertise in the trade. This efficiency will bring about a smoother process and faster results, thus saving both time and money in the long run. If results are not seen within 3 to 6 months, then you have the ability to hire a different team to work with rather than be stuck with a team that doesn’t generate results and continues to reduce financial efficiency.

Decreased Advertising Costs

Small companies depend on and use various outlets of advertising to reach their target audiences. From radio to television commercials, online advertisements, local banners, signs, and flyers, the costs add up quickly. Increasing the SEO ranking can lower advertising costs significantly.

Increased Traffic Results

Around 80% of smartphone users use the “near me” phrase to search for products and services within their area. By having optimized SEO, your ranking increases and allows your business to be seen by more local consumers, directing them to your site to check out your products and services.

Other Benefits of Using a Local SEO Company

  • Long-lasting rankings
  • More Local reviews
  • Building Community
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Appear in Google’s 3 pack
  • Continuous Business Growth

The benefits are numerous for your business when you work with a local SEO company. There are no cons to increasing your SEO presence online, only rewards. Maintaining SEO rankings takes continuous work. It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. Hiring a local search company to take care of the SEO work will allow you to stay focused on the other aspects of your business, keeping everything functioning like a well-oiled machine. Ready to boost your local SEO and reap the rewards? Contact us for expert guidance and assistance. Our team at Ottawa SEO Services is here to enhance your online visibility and drive lasting success for your business.

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Client  Testimonials

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I have been working with them for a number of years now. They’re great! I can always count on them. I don’t have to worry about a thing. We are getting the results we want. Thank you!

Ottawa seo company testimonial

Steve B

These guys are the real deal with SEO services for both on page and off SEO work. I’ve worked with other agencies in the past that only do on page SEO, this is only half the equation for getting your site to rank. Their team has a good understanding of what works and provides excellent weekly small reports and monthly full reports. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ottawa seo company testimonial


Jean-Marc and his team are truly experts. They knew exactly what I needed to do to reach my customers and then they did it.

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