So all that brainstorming with your Web designer is over; you have worked meticulously for several weeks to ensure your business website is just the way you want it to be. You know it looks impressive, but are still concerned about whether everything ottawa seo company website social media will work the way it should. You might even be worried about whether your visitors would like the site and content and if your website will actually be a good ROI. Once your website is finished, you NEED to still be doing some work in order to get people to actually find it! Here are some tips on what to do immediately after your website is finished.

The Focus Points

Very frankly, the design and look of your site is just the window dressing. Before you launch your site, there are some things you will have to focus on- that’s if you want to drive consistent traffic and keep your audience engaged.

Get on the Social Media Train

This is one aspect you can’t give a miss. Set up your social media pages and complete your profile (with keywords and urls) on all of them. Better still; promote the launch of your site on social media channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Though this may not be a strong ranking signal, when you promote the launch via these sites, your website gets indexed much faster. In addition, social networks also attract traffic and help spread the message of the launch. Visit communities and blogs within your industry & participate in the conversation by adding credible comments- this will help in getting your brand noticed and create a loyal following too.

Set up an Awesome Blog

This is one of the best ways of generating new content. You can create new material and post company updates that users will want to link back to and share. It’s a great way of attracting traffic to your site and can help you sell your services and products. It’s also a great way of increasing your long-tail keywords, which ups your Google ranking. Speaking of blogs… why not sign up for these awesome updates right now? Sign up at our blog page HERE

Implement a Killer SEO Strategy

Regardless of how attractive your site is, if you don’t have a robust and dynamic SEO strategy in place, your online presence will go unnoticed. It is vital that your site be optimized for search. Starting from the page titles to the actual content, the site will have to be optimized- that’s the only way search engines will be able to find you. SEO is always a combination of various strategies including paid ad campaigns, on-page optimization, organic listings, content sharing, social media and link-building.

While you are doing all of this, just keep in mind that this is just the start of the journey. No matter how much traffic your site gets, when it comes to maintaining your business website, you will always have to be on your toes, analyze, experiment, learn, re-learn and evolve. If you don’t have time to manage your SEO, social media or website presence, let us help you out!

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