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Here are 4 of the Best WordPress Plugins for SEO purposes. If you are starting a blog or website it is super important to get off on the right foot. Having the proper plugins for your WordPress layout will help your site grow in the Google rank race and get noticed quicker. Don’t be afraid of using plugins, when in doubt, look at the star ratings but the Plugins listed below are popular and safe to use for your website. You can search for these plugins by clicking “plugins” in your Dashboard and searching for the exact terms listed below OR you can click on the links of the plugin name in this post. 

1. All in One SEO Pack

This plugin will help you with your search engine optimization. It will make things easier on you by telling you where to put your titles, descriptions and tags or keywords. Make sure that you actually use this plugin when you post new content. If you just add the plugin, it won’t add much to your website but if you have great keywords and use the plugin for what it’s intended for then the search engines will start to show your site more frequently (if the content is good!)

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2. Google Analytics

This plugin is easy to use and although it won’t help you rank directly in the search engines it has a huge function in getting your site to rank well on the back end of things. With Google Analytics you will be able to track the visits to your site and see what your visitors flow and behaviour is like. If you are getting ranked for certain keywords and not for other keywords, you will be able to use Analytics to see which words work the best and which ones need to be changed. Having traffic information about your website is key in order to grow it in the search engines and to target the right audience.

top plugins for wordpress seo, Wordpress-Plugins-128 ottawa seo company3. Google XML Sitemaps

Google likes it when your site has an XML Sitemap. It helps the search engines find your site and index your pages faster. This is important to have if you are changing  or updating  your content frequently. There are other ways to create Sitemaps but using this plugin is pretty simple and hassle free.

4. Shareaholic

This plugin will help you in the social world. If you activate this plugin, you will see a number of share sites pop up before every post or below every post or whatever option you choose. You can choose from the list of social sites which share buttons you want to have shown on your pages. Even if you don’t have accounts for certain sites, you can still use the buttons so that your viewers can share your content to followers on their sites. If you have lots of shares, your site will get more traffic and more traffic to your website = Google Love

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There is no magical formula that will get your site to rank quickly on Google. You will still need to have a plan to create fresh and unique content frequently and make your site a great place to find information about your topic of interest.

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